5 shower curtain fabric by the yard materials

1. Polyester fiber fabric curtains

Polyester fiber is what we commonly call “polyester”. Using it to make shower curtain fabric by the yard has the advantages of being crisp, durable, wrinkle-resistant, drape-free, and non-sticky, so this material is simply “a natural material for curtains”.

2. Linen fabric shower curtain fabric by the yard

If you like the natural Zen style, you can choose light-transmitting linen. Linen has an irregular texture that provides privacy while also providing comfort and warmth to the room.

Linen can also be dyed in other colors, such as IKEA’s Yufried curtains, which are dyed a dark blue-gray with natural dyes.

Most of the shower curtain fabric by the yard sold online are blended with polyester fibers, which can make the linen curtains more rigid and more shading.

In addition, there is a small tip: linen curtains are transparent, and the light intensity affects the visual color of the fabric.

The light yellow fabric under strong light may become gray-pink when stacked, so you must see it clearly when choosing.

shower curtain fabric by the yard
Modern white living room minimal style 3D rendering Image.There are decorate room with white translucent curtain and white armchair

3. Cotton fabric curtains

Cotton cloth is hygroscopic, breathable and skin-friendly, so it is suitable for use in places where the skin is often touched, but if it is made into a curtain, it is easy to wrinkle and deform, and it is also light-transmitting like linen.

The relatively shower curtain fabric by the yard are not classy when they are made, and when they are hung, they look like a simple dormitory, but after blending with polyester fibers, the cotton curtains will be crisp and stylish.

Because cotton fiber can keep warm, so with cotton curtain, it will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

4. Silk fabric curtains

Real silk satin is very delicate, especially it can’t stand ultraviolet rays, so when using this noble material, you must remember to match it with a shading lining!

Because cleaning and maintenance are very troublesome, it is not recommended to use shower curtain fabric by the yard on a large scale.

5.suede curtains

Some friends especially like velvet, corduroy and other cut-velvet fabrics, with a warm and retro temperament, which is also a trend in fashion and home fabrics in recent years.

Most of the velvet fabric curtains on the market are blended with polyester fibers, and there are also full-suede shower curtain fabric by the yard, such as IKEA’s velvet curtains.

In contrast, suede is easy to hang dust, and it will shrink a little after washing, so it is more difficult to care for.

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