How to choose the right block print curtain fabric?

When we are doing decoration, we will install block print curtain fabric on the position of the windows, which can play the role of shading, heat preservation, anti-peeping, decoration, etc., so how to choose the right curtains and what are the materials of the curtains.

How to choose the right block print curtain fabric

Pay attention to shading

When choosing, pay attention to the shading performance, especially in the living room and bedroom.

The living room is an area with frequent daily activities and needs enough light. Therefore, it is recommended not to install full blackout curtains with a darker color; and the bedroom is where we rest.

It is good to install full blackout block print curtain fabric in the place where you want, and the dark space is conducive to creating a comfortable sleeping atmosphere.

block print curtain fabric
How to choose the right block print curtain fabric? 2

Pay attention to the choice of color

For block print curtain fabric, the choice of color and pattern is very important. If you don’t know where to start, it is recommended to use white or gray as the main color. White is versatile and gray is the best.

Generally, you can’t go wrong. Of course, if you like some colors, you can use them in the living room.

In the middle, you can refer to sofas, rugs, paintings, and coffee tables; in the bedroom, it is recommended to refer to pillows, sheets, lamps, etc.

Pay attention to the choice of block print curtain fabric material

In daily life, there are many kinds of curtain materials, cotton and linen are the more common ones, both of which are easy to wash and replace, whether they are hygroscopic, heat-resistant or feel very good, for example, they are suitable for use in bedrooms; and gauze curtains It can enhance the depth of the room and is suitable for floor-to-ceiling windows and bay windows; block print curtain fabric are hygroscopic, cool, durable, and have strong shading properties, making them suitable for use on balconies.

Pay attention to the details of the choice

Details determine success or failure, so when choosing curtains, the details should not be underestimated.

For example, although straps and hooks are small accessories for curtains, they have a variety of postures.

At the same time, the unique hooks can also play the finishing touch. , enhance the taste of the room.

What are the curtain materials?

1. Polyester material. Polyester block print curtain fabric are relatively cheap, but their durability is very durable, not sticky, and has a certain anti-wrinkle effect.

2. Linen material. Linen fabric is a good choice for users who prefer natural styles, it can play a better shading effect.

3. Cotton material. More people will choose cotton curtains, which are hygroscopic and breathable, and are very stylish when hung.

It is more suitable to hang in the living room or bedroom. It is cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

4. Silk material. Silk fabrics are relatively more expensive. This kind of block print curtain fabric is more troublesome to clean and maintain, but you can choose a small space layout, but because the material itself is relatively noble, it should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time.

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