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Satisfaction is an essential element when buying something. And satisfaction comes from experiencing. To fulfill this requirement, UR are willing to send our buyers free samples so that they can see the quality for themselves and then order from us after knowing what they will get from us and selling forward to the consumers.

The samples are totally free, and if they want to see all our products, we can arrange a sample kit that will include all types of textiles. All our services today to make your day lovely. Order now!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Free Samples

We offer our new clients a free sample pack with their chosen textiles inside, so that they could test our products and experience our quality without having to pay full price for a bulk order. To see is to believe, we find it very important to help clients check if our textiles suit their needs through a free sample trial. This will help to save many hassles and build trust.

First, those pairs of textiles samples are totally free, Yet there is still a shipping fee incurred on your charge. However, as a long-term partner of multinational logistics, we will offer you the most favorable shipping solution and minimize your costs. We truly appreciate your understanding.

Samples will be ready in 48 hours usually, and shipping will take 3-8 days to get to your site due to different regions. We will try best to help you receive your samples asap.

Get Samples! Quotes or Anything!