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General FAQ

If you have questions about UR textiles or at any point or can’t find the answer you were looking for, please call or email us directly at [email protected]. For issues about your orders or our refunds, please refer to our Team. Helping you answer all your questions and solving any problems you may have is our number one priority.

“UR Textiles” is a brand of  Weifang UR Textile Co. in  Shandong, China, we focused on high-performance textiles designing and manufacturing, cost-effective and fast response are the main strengths in our company, production has strictly executive according to the products quality system.

We offer a wide range of textile such as microfiber home textiles, satin fabric, Oxford fabric, peachskin fabric, chiffon fabric with fully customizable options.

We are the 100% manufacturer specialized in textile.

UR focused on designing and manufacturing, we provide free sample service to you. And if you have any special request for products, we accept custom orders.

You can get a quote by visiting the Request a Quote page, requesting a quote on a product page, phone, email, or from our live chat. Based on a large variance of requirements from project to project, most quotations need to be prepared by a packaging estimator. RFQs can be emailed directly to  [email protected]. You will typically receive your quotation within 1-2 business days for most requests. RFQs and complex projects may require more time.

Yes, we recommend that you try our pouches before you purchase them. This ensures that you get the right product you desire. Please provide your contact details and our sales team will get back to you about your business sample.

The price is negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity or package. When you are making an inquiry, please let us know the product you need and the quantity you want. We will send you a quote ASAP.

And we’re willing to have a discount program for those prospective clients who are willing to help us with Local promotion or are open for local visitors. If you join it. We do not even need to worry about discount.

Every customer deserves the highest quality contract manufacturing and packaging services every single time.

This is why our industry leading Quality System extends throughout the supply chain from product receipt to final delivery- at every of our facility.

This ensures quality products and timely delivery you can count on.

Complete traceability comes standard here, along with full ISO 9001 and FDA compliance. You also have access to our innovative in-house manufacturing for verification and testing solutions. We have a proven track record of creating smart, go-to-market solutions- -all supported by a robust Quality System.

(1) With our mission to help our customers cut down converting costs, we don’t believe in over-priced strategy.

(2)We have been striving to do our best to keep price as low as possible without sacrificing

quality, for instance, our critical components are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house.

(3)Beyond that, We improve the competitiveness on manufacturing costs by actively seeking the best possible component options and manage supply chain logistics.

(4)We hope that by giving the best support on price to you, we could help ease your capital pressure and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship together

Yes. You can ask for a quote online, manage the delivery process and submit your payments online.

MOQ of our products is 5,000 m textile.

Please send us your interested product via email by [email protected] or Talk to us on phone via +86-159-5447-1944, or just leave us message, we will reply you in the shortest time as we could.

Most of our products are shipped flat, requiring minor assembly upon arrival. Special structures, typically rigid box styles, may need to be shipped as they are. All of our products are carefully packaged with care to withstand the potentially harsh elements of travel. You can expect your products to arrive in the same condition they left our facilities.

Production time can range from 5 to 25 business days depending on products type, requirements many other factors. Greater customization with more additional processes generally yields slightly longer production times. For your best estimate in the timeline, consult with your Product Specialist.

Request Your Sample Pack Or Inquiry

Order a sample pack so you can feel our premium range of textiles by yourself.