6 major embroidered curtain fabric materials, how to choose?

1. Polyester fiber embroidered curtain fabric

Many people may be a little unfamiliar with polyester fiber, but if you say polyester, I believe everyone has heard of it.


1. High intensity, light transmission and ventilation, can offset about 80% of the solar radiation;

2. The elasticity is super strong, close to wool, so it is not easy to leave wrinkles and will not deform;

3. Moisture resistance, not easy to fade.


1. The fabric is easy to pilling, and the texture will be poor.

2. Polyester fiber is easy to generate static electricity, so it should be soaked in softener and cleaned. Otherwise, there is no wrinkle at all.


Polyester embroidered curtain fabric are relatively inexpensive to manufacture. It is very friendly to friends who rent or have a limited budget for soft furnishing! Although the material is easy to pilling, as long as it is not rubbed against the curtain every day, there will not be many problems.

embroidered curtain fabric
6 major embroidered curtain fabric materials, how to choose? 2

2. Linen Curtains

Linen is a cloth made of flax twisted into threads and then woven. In our perception, linen is a material that is very suitable for home furnishing. Whether it is bedding or decoration, linen material has been highly recognized.


1. Linen embroidered curtain fabric are light-transmitting and have good heat dissipation;

2. Anti-static, anti-allergic, antibacterial;

3. Good hygroscopicity, so it can keep dry;

4. Long service life, 4-5 years will not cause much problems.


1.Linen has poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle and shrink; for curtains, we must pay attention to the size.

The cleaning of cotton and linen is more complicated, it is recommended to dry clean, or hand wash and dry, so the daily care will be more complicated.


Linen embroidered curtain fabric are very good in terms of light transmission and ventilation, but it is not recommended to use them alone, because shading is very necessary for high-rise or western-style apartments.

But if there are elderly people and babies at home, you can choose semi-translucent linen as much as possible, which is very safe and clean.

3. Cotton and linen curtains

Cotton and linen, as the name suggests, is a combination of cotton and linen.

The fabric of this material is also to integrate the shortcomings of linen curtains and increase the advantages of pure cotton material.


1. The light transmission and air permeability are better;

2, antistatic, no ball.

3. Natural and environmentally friendly, without any chemical composition.


1. It is not fast to the sun, and it will shrink after one wash. The requirements for drying and cleaning are very high. Dry cleaning is generally recommended.


For embroidered curtain fabric that are not sun-resistant and not washable, the lady recommends that they be placed in the bedroom or study location as much as possible.

These two spaces are easy to keep clean, have good privacy, and are relatively less dusty.

4. Silk Curtains

Don’t think about silk, it must be expensive. But it must be comfortable and advanced texture to match it;


1. Safe, because silk is flame retardant. Use a lighter to burn silk embroidered curtain fabric, it will turn into ashes and will not ignite other items like polyester;

2. Sound insulation, silk has a high porosity, so it has good sound absorption and suction;

3. The sericin component of silk has the ability to prevent the growth of mites and molds.


1.It is not easy to take care of, easy to wrinkle, will shrink, not fast to the sun, will become yellow and brittle.

Hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended; the price will also be relatively more expensive.


The gloss and feel of silk curtains are excellent, but the number of families using silk curtains has gradually decreased in recent years, which is also due to the fact that silk is not easy to match with many styles, and secondly, short-pile curtains have largely replaced the effect of silk curtains. .

5. Flannel curtains

Flannel is a cotton fabric with a fluffy surface after brushing. At present, the more popular are short-pile curtains.


1. The color is soft, the luster is bright, the drape is good, and it has the advanced appearance decoration effect;

2. Strong color fastness, no fading;

3. It has good moisture permeability, shading and sound absorption, heat insulation and thermal insulation effects.


1. It is easy to hide dust and bacteria;

2. The fabric is heavy, difficult to clean, and easy to generate static electricity;

3. Slight shrinkage. Because the fabric is heavy, it is recommended to machine wash or dry clean.


Short-pile embroidered curtain fabric are the darling of the current curtain industry, high-end atmosphere with texture, low-key luxury and affordable can be said to be the treasure of many owners. The overall effect on the wall is very good, but it is slightly heavy, and it is not recommended to be minimalist or INS style.

6. Gauze curtains

Window screen is a very thin cloth made of chemical fiber.


1. Soft lighting, ventilation and ventilation, soft light effect 100+;

2. Beautiful and versatile. Basically every space can be used.


1. It is easy to adhere to dust; it cannot be completely shaded. Need to be cleaned

Washing, otherwise once the sticking time is too long, it will not be easy to restore the original color.

explanation of Curtain from Wikipedia


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