Which material is the best for indian curtain fabric?

Now the indian curtain fabric materials on the market, except for the specially marked categories, are all polyester materials.

First of all, let’s clarify ” indian curtain fabric for home improvement”. The extended meaning is usually “simple, durable, and easy to take care of”.

In this case, polyester-based curtains are still selected, which is the most economical choice in a comprehensive family environment.

Why not choose pure natural materials such as cotton or hemp?

Isn’t it all natural? indian curtain fabric are often exposed to the sun, cotton fabrics are easy to fade, and large areas of cotton fabrics are very easy to accumulate dust.

Removing and washing curtains is still a relatively large cleaning project, and cotton fabrics are very easy to pilling and shrink during the cleaning process, which greatly affects the look and feel.

The linen curtains need to be cleaned with lye, and they have to be gently washed and rinsed several times with water.

They must be flat after drying, and they must be ironed after drying, otherwise they will be wrinkled.

Therefore, for the convenience of daily use, these two materials that require energy are generally not considered.

indian curtain fabric
Which material is the best for indian curtain fabric? 2

Why not choose a nylon curtain that is the same man-made material as polyester?

I believe everyone has taken the bus? So have you noticed what the indian curtain fabric on the bus windows look like?

Moreover, the quality of nylon materials is uneven, and the material itself has some limitations such as fading and oxidation, so the application in the field of home improvement is very rare.

Why not choose silk curtains?

The reason is also relatively simple – expensive, the style is limited, indian curtain fabric are mostly used in more expensive scenes, and it is difficult to hold it.

After all, many decorations now are aimed at improving the life experience and adapting to the convenience of life.

Not many people will make their home purple.

After comprehensive consideration, under normal circumstances, it is better to use polyester curtains.

Now polyester materials can also imitate the texture of cotton and linen materials very well.

It is understood that the indian curtain fabric in the curtain market that look like cotton and linen materials are actually polyester.

We need to clarify a concept – indian curtain fabric are for looking, not in contact with body skin all day long, and we need to pursue some tactile pursuits! So there is no need to get entangled in the concept of “pure natural”.

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