What kinds of materials are indian curtain fabric made of?

indian curtain fabric are needed in every home, not only for shading but also for decoration. Next, I will explain to you 8 kinds of materials for curtains.

1. Polyester fiber indian curtain fabric

Polyester fiber is a kind of fabric with good elasticity. It is wrinkle-resistant and iron-free, durable, and has strong recovery ability.

It has good shading and heat insulation effects and has become the first choice for many people, but its hygroscopicity and breathability are relatively poor. .

2. Cotton cloth

Cotton has a good feel, strong softness, and better air permeability than ordinary materials, but it lacks elasticity and is not three-dimensional as a whole. It is easy to wrinkle when machine washed.

indian curtain fabric
What kinds of materials are indian curtain fabric made of? 2

3. Linen

Linen dissipates heat quickly and is very popular with most people.

Its simple texture is also unique, but its shading properties are not very good. It is not easy to use in rest areas such as bedrooms, and it feels rough.

4. Aluminum-plastic shutters

The indian curtain fabric of aluminum-plastic blinds have high freedom, warm in winter and cool in summer, good heat insulation, but insufficient shading, so they cannot be highlighted when used for home decoration, the decoration is not strong, and cleaning is more troublesome.

5. Silk fabric

Silk curtains have good air permeability and heat resistance, as well as thermal insulation, UV resistance, etc. Overall, they are a good choice, but the price is relatively expensive, and it is easy to turn yellow when exposed to the sun for a long time.

6. Flannel fabric

Flannel fabrics are soft to the touch and more textured. They are also very popular in recent years, but when choosing, pay attention to the fact that poor fluff will fall off, which not only affects the taste, but also affects the mood, and it is easy to shrink and wrinkle when machine washed.

7. Blackout curtains

The shading property of the blackout indian curtain fabric is very good, there is no doubt that the heat insulation and decoration are very good, but the surface of the blackout curtain is attached with glue, which has a pungent smell and may have formaldehyde.

8. Chenille fabric

Chenille fabric indian curtain fabric feel very comfortable, the texture is clear, the texture is very good, and the overall feeling is very drape, but after washing, it is easy to fade, become wrinkled, and lack elasticity. After all, the requirements for size are high.

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