What materials are the indian curtain fabric made of?

When choosing indian curtain fabric, the material is very important. Different materials have different effects.

What material are the indian curtain fabric made of?

Let’s take a look at the following 3 kinds of curtain fabric.

The commonly used indian curtain fabric materials in life are pure cotton, linen, satin, flocking, bamboo and yarn, etc.

The curtains made of different materials are different, and the performance of the curtains is also different.

indian curtain fabric like cotton and linen are the most used in the home. Curtains of these two materials are easy to clean and have many styles, which are suitable for a variety of home decoration styles.

The specific characteristics of different materials are as follows:

indian curtain fabric
What materials are the indian curtain fabric made of? 2

1. curtain fabric made of satin and flocking materials are more delicate and softer than cotton and linen materials, and the curtains feel very comfortable to the touch.

Moreover, the thickness of the indian curtain fabric is also thick, and the overall shading, thermal insulation, and thermal insulation are also very good, and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, balconies and other spaces, but the fabric price of such curtains is high.

2. Bamboo curtain fabric are completely different from the previous materials.

It does not belong to the fabric category, but is made of bamboo, so the shading and privacy of the curtains are relatively poor, but at the same time, the lighting is very good, suitable for installation.

On balconies, kitchens, etc. In addition, the bamboo curtains are warm in color, and the overall decorative effect is very good. 3. The gauze indian curtain fabric is made of a layer of yarn.

The curtain is very thin and has good light transmission, giving people a vague feeling. It is often used in combination with some fabric curtains.

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