Useful Information About Fabrics

Fabric is made from a network of thread and yarn formed together by knitting or weaving. Its texture and strength depends on the origin of the thread. Silk for example comes from the larvae of a silkworm. The process in which the thread is extracted from the silkworm larvae is called sericulture, which unfortunately kills the larvae.

Other commonly used fabric is velvet. The cut of the tread is evenly distributed in this fabric. The fiber is woven on a loom that weaves two pieces of fiber at the same time giving it a different feel. Linen on the other hand, is made from the fiber of a plant. Linen is classified as strong and sturdy and able to stand changing weather. It is also proven that linen has more strength wet than dry.

Canvas was derived from the Arabic word Cannabis, or better known as hemp. Canvas is most commonly used in tents and sails and most recently, handbags. Canvas is also used as bases for works of art. Modern styles in painting take advantage of the texture and “roughness” of the surface of the canvas.

Flannel is most known as a fabric for bed sheets. It is made from wool or cotton wool. Later on, flannel was used as clothing worn in cold weather. This type of fabric is either woven in a plain weave or tight weave.

In whatever way the fabric is weaved or created, it already has come a long way making our lives more comfortable and pleasurable.


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