Learn about following 4 recycled fiber fabric


Many consumers who like to buy clothes may not know the fabric of recycled fiber fabric, but when buying clothes, they must look at the fabric material of the clothes. Uncomfortable clothes.

If you want to know the harm, advantages and disadvantages of recycled fiber , and what kind of fabric is regenerated cellulose fiber, you can learn about it through the following information.

recycled fiber fabric
Learn about following 4 recycled fiber fabric 2

Disadvantages of raw fiber fabrics

The harm of recycled fiber is that it is easy to waste resources, because regenerated cellulose fibers are made of cellulose extracted from natural materials and spun.

The disadvantages of recycled fiber fabric are not only the waste of resources, but also the high cost and high cost of producing regenerated cellulose fibers.

Regenerated cellulose fiber is a kind of cellulose obtained from natural materials.

This cellulose has some characteristics that artificial materials do not have.

It is more environmentally friendly than other fibers.

Many people do not know that recycled fiber are made from It comes from natural materials, such as bamboo fiber, which is made from bamboo pulp fiber through modern production technology.

The advantages of recycled fiber fabrics

The advantages of recycled fiber fabric are breathable and cool, good sweat absorption and moisture removal, comfortable and skin-friendly, and good dyeing.

Breathable and cool is because the recycled fiber fabric has good air permeability, which is very similar to cotton fiber.

It not only has good air permeability but also absorbs sweat and wicks away moisture. Therefore, the recycled fiber fabric is very skin-friendly and comfortable, and there is no rough hand feel when using it.

And because the regenerated cellulose fiber has good hygroscopicity, the coloring and dyeing is also very fast.


Consumers can understand the advantages and disadvantages of comparing recycled fiber fabric, and then buy clothes with suitable fabric materials according to their needs.

Generally, it is recommended to wear recycled fiber fabric underwear in summer, because the pure cotton material is easy to absorb sweat, and it is not easy to dry, which can easily cause heat and humidity discomfort.

It is recommended to choose recycled fiber fabric underwear that is breathable, sweat-absorbing and easy to dry in summer.

It is the material that touches the skin, and you should pay more attention to natural health.

recycled fiber fabric


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