What are the advantages of recycled fiber fabric?

What are the advantages of recycled fibers?

Damp and cool

Recycled fiber fabric has good air permeability and is known as “breathing fabric”. It will not feel stuffy when wearing it in summer, and its air permeability is better than that of pure cotton. It is an ideal close-fitting and health care clothing product. It is good for human physiological circulation and health.

Sweat wicking and hygroscopicity

The basic chemical composition of regenerated cellulose fiber is the same as that of cotton fiber, so some of its properties are similar to cotton fiber, the difference is that its hygroscopicity and breathability are better than cotton fiber, it can be said that it is a chemical fiber One of the best in hygroscopicity and breathability.

The moisture absorption rate of recycled fiber fabric can reach 13%~15%, which is 6%~7% higher than that of cotton fiber, and has a good ventilation adjustment effect.

More comfortable to wear.

Among the 12 main textile fibers, the moisture content meets the physiological requirements of human skin and is superior to other fibers.


Recycled fiber fabric, soft, smooth and not easy to generate static electricity.

It has soft cotton, silk luster, smooth hemp, comfortable fit, breathable moisture absorption, good elasticity; 100% pure natural material, natural biodegradation, no additives, heavy metals, harmful chemicals, no skin irritation.

good color rendering

Because recycled fiber fabric have strong hygroscopicity, regenerated cellulose fibers are easier to color than cotton fibers, with pure and bright colors, good color fastness, and the most complete color spectrum.

recycled fiber fabric
What are the advantages of recycled fiber fabric? 2

Advantages and disadvantages of recycled fiber underwear

Many consumers see that people recommend buying clothes made of recycled fiber fabric, but they are not sure whether clothes made of recycled fiber fabrics are really so good.

Before buying clothes, you should really check the fabric material of the clothes carefully.

Different fabric materials give people different feel and texture, and clothes made of inferior fabrics make people feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

Are clothes made of recycled fiber fabrics good? What are the advantages and disadvantages of regenerated fiber underwear, are regenerated cellulose fiber underwear good?

The recycled fiber fabric used in regenerated fiber underwear are generally modal and bamboo charcoal fibers. Most of the underwear is made of pure cotton, modal and bamboo charcoal fibers.

Regenerated cellulose fiber underwear is soft, comfortable and breathable, and is loved by many consumers.

The advantages of regenerated fiber underwear are hygroscopicity, good breathability, good dyeing, and not easy to fade.

Among them, the disadvantage of modal, the commonly used material for regenerated fiber underwear, is that it is relatively expensive.

The bamboo fiber recycled fiber fabric underwear is not only soft and comfortable, but also has antibacterial, deodorant, and UV protection functions.

recycled fiber fabric


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