recycled fiber fabric’s 3 Characteristic advantag

Recycled fiber fabric, also known as rayon, is spun from cellulose such as rice straw and bark after dissolution.

Common viscose fiber, acetate fiber and copper ammonia fiber are characterized by good moisture absorption and air permeability.

Advantages of recycled fiber fabric

1. Although the recycled fiber fabric has good hand feel, moisture absorption and air permeability, it is processed through the chemical process, so there must be chemical residues.
Compared with natural fibers such as cotton, the environmental protection performance is worse.

2. Recycled fiber fabric is a kind of man-made fiber, which contains natural cellulose and protein.
It can be divided into regenerated protein fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber. Modal fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber belong to regenerated fiber.

3. The regenerated fiber has good air permeability and comfort, but poor wear resistance, short service life and poor elasticity.
The wear resistance of recycled fiber fabric is not very good, so its service life is not very long.

recycled fiber fabric
recycled fiber fabric’s 3 Characteristic advantag 2

Concept of recycled fiber fabric

Recycled fiber fabric refers to the textile fiber made of natural polymer compounds such as cellulose and protein as raw materials, chemically processed into polymer concentrated solution, and then spun and post-treated.

The viscose fiber in the regenerated fiber is made of natural cotton linter and wood. It has good moisture absorption and air permeability. The basic chemical composition of viscose fiber is the same as that of cotton fiber.

Therefore, some of its properties are close to those of cotton fiber, but its moisture absorption and air permeability are better than those of cotton fiber.

Viscose fiber and denatured rayon fiber are commonly known as strong rayon fiber.

The biggest disadvantage of viscose fiber is poor wet fastness and elasticity, and the fabric is easy to wrinkle and difficult to recover; Acid and alkali resistance is not as good as cotton fiber.

Fuqiang fiber has good alkali resistance. Because Fuqiang fiber has better alkali resistance than viscose fiber, the choice of detergent such as soap is not as strict as viscose fiber.


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