Do you know the top four printed fabric manufacturer in China

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    The first China printed fabric manufacturer is UR Textiles

    As printed fabric manufacturer,UR Textiles specializes in the manufacture and sale of woven fabrics made of chemical fibers, and we are the most professional company in China when it comes to chemical fabrics.

    As printed fabric manufacturer,UR Textile is the most professional company in China when it comes to chemical fabrics. Specializes in the manufacture and sale of woven fabrics made of chemical fibers.

    At UR Textiles, we are aware of our social responsibility.

    We are responsible for our impact on the environment and the welfare of society.

    As printed fabric manufacturer,We strive to continue to build an eco-friendly, sustainable company by consciously employing a variety of sustainable practices.

    Our approach includes five main goals: sustainable mill practices, in-house practices, volunteerism, charitable giving, and carrying an inventory of eco-friendly fibers.

    As printed fabric manufacturer,UR prioritizes mill practices that reduce waste, emissions, and water use to limit our impact on the environment.

    Many of our fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX, Bluesign, Higg Index, and more.

    Read more about all of our social responsibilities in-depth at the links below.

    The second China printed fabric manufacturer is Dingmian

    As printed fabric manufacturer,Dingmian company is located in China’s light textile city, close to the hometown of world famous Lu Xun, close to Hangzhou Yong Expressway and Hangzhou International Airport, 240 kilometers away from Shanghai port and 80 kilometers away from Ningbo port, with convenient transportation and superior geographical location. It is very convenient for sea, land and air transportation of goods.

    Based on the business philosophy of achieving win-win cooperation with customers, we continuously pursue service quality while improving product quality, and have been recognized by customers in quality and service.

    As printed fabric manufacturer,We will provide customers with better service.

    printed fabric manufacturer

    The third China printed fabric manufacturer is Gardenia 

    As printed fabric manufacturer,Gardenia textile company is a company specializing in the production and sales of all kinds of woolen fabrics.

    It has been specializing in the R & D and production of woolen fabrics for more than 20 years.

    Over the years, gardenia has been continuously supplied by many fabric and garment buyers at home and abroad, and has obtained the designated professional production qualification.

    The products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions, and have won a high reputation!

    As printed fabric manufacturer,Gardenia jasminoides has 5 automatic spinning production lines, 60 outsourced automatic spinning production lines, 75 high-speed digital intelligent spinning machines and 11 directional cooperative finishing plants.

    As printed fabric manufacturer,Opening up a special small batch customization production line can meet the needs of customers for small batch production, personalized customization, trial sales sample production and R & D sample production.

    Data management, intelligent production, ERP big data analysis and strict control of production nodes.

    Optimize production process, improve production efficiency and shorten production cycle.

    The fourth China printed fabric manufacturer is Gardenia

    Since its establishment in 2018, BORANG knitting company has always regarded the quality demand of customers for products as the benchmark of the company’s development.

    By virtue of our rich operating experience in the knitting field and combined with the existing high-precision production equipment, we have developed + produced a series of high-quality knitted fabrics, and established long-term cooperative relations with customers at home and abroad.

    As printed fabric manufacturer,The company’s development team has 28 years of professional knitting technology.

    The development team constantly updates products with market changes, so as to meet customers’ needs for product changes.

    Through the optimization and innovation of product functionality, environmental protection and style differences, the company continues to meet the individual needs of customers at home and abroad.


    Table of Contents
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