Printed fabric factory explains how to distinguish dyed and dyed fabrics

Colorful fabrics can be seen everywhere in our life, and the ingenious matching of colors brings people the same visual effect. So, what’s the difference between dyed cloth and dyed cloth?

Printed fabric factory explains differences between dyed and dyed fabrics

Dyed and dyed fabrics sound colorful, but their manufacturing processes are completely different.

Generally speaking, printed fabric factory think that yarn dyed fabrics are dyed first and then woven with dyed yarn.

Then, according to the weaving method, it can be divided into yarn dyed woven fabric and yarn dyed knitted fabric.

Dyed cloth is dyed by spinning and weaving, dyeing, setting and post-treatment through dyeing equipment.

Printed fabric factory says because the yarn dyed fabric is dyed before weaving, the color of the fabric is richer and brighter, and the process is more complex, which increases the manufacturing cost and the price is more expensive.

Dyed cloth is woven first and then dyed, so dyed cloth is often called plain cloth, and the price will be lower.

Yarn dyed fabric is to use yarn dyeing, match with a variety of yarns of different colors, and combine with reasonable organizational effect to produce fabrics with certain patterns and colors.

Dyed fabrics are usually in the style of plaid and striped fabrics. Generally speaking, woven fabrics, like some of our men’s shirts, have stripes and plaid.

Most of them are yarn dyed fabrics, but there are a few exceptions. At this time, you can look at the back of the cloth. If there are some light plaids or stripes on the reverse side, it is yarn dyed.

If there’s nothing, it’s white. It’s printed cloth. Knitted fabrics are generally weft knitted with more horizontal stripes.

printed fabric factory

Printed fabric factory explains what is dyed cloth?

Dyed cloth is finished with embryo cloth through printing and dyeing.

Dyed cloth can also be divided into printing and dyed cloth. Printing has match printing and sheet printing. Match printing means that a pattern has been formed on the machine.

A piece print is a partial pattern, just like our clothes. Some are covered with a whole piece, which is a piece print. If it is only on the chest or arm, it is a piece print.

Printed fabric factory analyzes which fabric is more comfortable

Compared with dyed fabrics, dyed fabrics have the characteristics of rich color, three-dimensional feeling and color fastness.

However, due to the large process losses such as dyeing yarn, weaving and finishing, and the turbidity is less than that of white paper, the investment cost is high and the technical requirements are high.

Printed fabric factory says the share of dyed fabrics in the global cotton textile industry is only 7%, and the proportion of dyed fabrics and jeans is high.

In the future, consumers’ demand for clothing and color will be more popular and changeable, and the development prospect of dyed fabrics is still great.

Which is comfortable, dyed or dyed? Manufacturers believe that dyed fabrics are more comfortable. It is to dye the yarn first, and then weave the dyed yarn into cloth without printing and dyeing.

In the finishing process, the chemical reagents in the dyes will be disposed of, and the resulting fabric will be healthy and more comfortable to wear.


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