3 points to explain modal fabrics in detail

Modal fabric is similar to rayon and belongs to cellulose fibers.

It is a kind of fabric extracted from wood pulp and then made by spinning technology.

Modal fabrics are currently mainly used in the field of clothing, with underwear, Shirts are more common, and the overall touch is similar to that of pure cotton.

The following No. 3 fabric hall will introduce you to modal fabrics and its advantages and disadvantages in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of modal fabrics

First of all, modal fabric is a natural fiber, which can be degraded by itself in the natural environment, and no other chemical substances are produced during the production process.

The fabric is soft and has a good drape. In addition, the strength and toughness of the fabric are okay, which provides great convenience for the factory to process the fabric.

Secondly, modal fabric has better moisture absorption than pure cotton, so the fabric is very comfortable after wearing.

The main disadvantage of modal fabric is that it is easy to wrinkle and deform, which will also affect the appearance of the fabric to a certain extent.

Some people with more sensitive constitutions may be allergic to this fabric.

modal fabric
3 points to explain modal fabrics in detail 2

The price of modal fabric

Depending on the material, the price of Modal varies greatly, ranging from a few dollars to forty or fifty dollars per meter.

The following are some of the better modal fabrics sold in the mall, which can be used as reference when you buy:

40S Modal fabric pull frame strip: The main component of this fabric is modal + spandex. The weight and width of the fabric are 220g/m² and 1.8m respectively.

The fabric feels comfortable and delicate and has good drape.

It is suitable for dresses, tops and The wholesale price of T-shirts and other clothing production fabrics is 25 yuan per meter.

80S Modal : This fabric is pure (100%) Modal, the fabric is relatively light and thin, the weight is only 76g/m², and the width of the fabric is 150cm.

The clothes made of this fabric are breathable and comfortable, suitable for summer wear, and can be used for Making base shirts, T-shirts, sunscreen shirts and other clothing, the wholesale price of fabrics is 25 yuan/meter.

The difference between modal fabric and pure cotton fabric

In daily life, we will come into contact with a lot of fabrics, but except for some fabrics with different textures, such as chiffon, cotton and linen, others are relatively indistinguishable.

In addition to general natural fabrics, there are also chemical fiber fabrics, including cotton, which are also divided into natural cotton and rayon.

The best way is to distinguish them by burning.

Relatively speaking, rayon feels smoother to the touch, and it is easy to distinguish in touch.

What is modal?

Modal fabric is a kind of cellulose fiber, which was first made of wood pulp from shrubs in Europe, and then made by professional spinning process.

Modal fabric products themselves have good softness and hygroscopicity, and this Chemical fibers are harmless to the human body and can be decomposed naturally, so they can be regarded as environmentally friendly fabrics, but modal fabrics have poor stiffness, so they are suitable for close-fitting wear.

What is pure cotton?

You can read the previous articles. Let’s briefly talk about it here.

Cotton fiber products are hygroscopic and breathable, soft and warm.

Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, and its main component is cellulose, as well as a small amount of waxy substances, nitrogen-containing substances and pectin.

Pure cotton fabrics have been tested and practiced in many aspects.

There is no irritation or negative effect on the contact between the fabric and the skin. Long-term wear is beneficial and harmless to the human body.

Wikipedia’s explanation of modal


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