What is the difference between modal fabric and pure cotton fabric?

What is modal fabric

Modal fabric has excellent moisture absorption and good softness, smooth hand feel, and also has excellent dyeability, and the color is bright after dyeing.

Modal is also an environmentally friendly fabric.

Modal fabric is a cellulose regenerated fiber of viscose fiber with high wet modulus.

The raw material of this fiber is spruce and European beech, which is first made into wood pulp, and then processed into fiber through a special spinning process. Modal fabrics are the same cellulose fibers as cotton.

The raw materials of modal fabrics are all natural materials, which are harmless to the human body and can be decomposed naturally, which is harmless to the environment.

There is no contamination during the entire production process of the fibers.

modal fabric
What is the difference between modal fabric and pure cotton fabric? 2

Features of modal fabrics

The dry strength of modal fabric is close to that of polyester, and its wet strength is much higher than that of ordinary viscose.

A silky sheen with pleasant soft touch and drape and excellent durability.

The moisture absorption and breathability of modal fabrics are better than those of pure cotton fabrics.

They are ideal close-fitting fabrics and are beneficial to human physiological circulation and health.

Modal fabrics have stable performance.

After multiple washings, they can still maintain their original smooth and supple feel, softness and brightness, and the more they are washed, the softer and brighter they become.

Environmental pollution is a global problem, and the general public can do nothing about it, but in terms of personal consumption, they can choose independently.

The excellent functions of modal are also irresistible to modern fashion.

With the continuous recognition and recognition of modal fabrics by the general public, the market promotion of modal is steadily expanding, and the sales volume is also steadily increasing.

Modal is one of the better varieties of cotton fabrics. This is not only because of its special craftsmanship, the fabrics produced are smoother, more delicate and softer, and at the same time, the performance of its fabrics is stronger than that of ordinary cotton fabrics.

What are the differences between modal and cotton modal and which is better compared to modal and cotton modal.

What is the difference between modal and cotton modal?

Modal cotton: This fabric is mainly made of cotton fiber to be processed into modal fabric, which is a natural fiber, green, harmless and degradable, and has the characteristics of fine and filament cotton fibers, so the modal cotton fabric is extremely delicate and full of luster on the surface.

The drape is good, the hand is extremely soft, the moisture absorption and breathability are strong, and the fabric has certain toughness and strength, which is suitable for making close-fitting clothing.

Modal: It mainly uses wood as raw material for processing and production. It can be naturally degraded after use, green and harmless.

It is a high-grade environmentally friendly and harmless fabric. Its fibers are fine, the fabric is delicate and shiny, and it has excellent drapeability.

The fabric has excellent softness and water absorption, as well as strong toughness and strength.

It is a natural mercerized surface, which is very suitable for making underwear.

The above content is about the difference between modal and pure cotton modal and which is the better fabric knowledge between modal and pure cotton modal.

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