China chiffon fabric wholesaler explain knowledge of chiffon fabrics

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    China chiffon fabric wholesaler introduce chiffon fabric

    Chiffon’s scientific name is “Georgette”. Georgette, also known as georgette crepe, is a silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warp and crepe weft.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says the name of georgette comes from England.

    Warp and weft yarns with two different twist directions of S twist and Z twist are arranged alternately according to ZS and 2Z, interleaved with plain weave, and the warp and weft density of the fabric is very small.

    After scouring, the green silk shrinks and crepes due to the untwisting effect of the silk thread, forming a Georgette with uniform wrinkles and loose structure on the silk surface.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says according to the raw materials used, it can be divided into silk georgette, rayon Georgette, polyester Georgette and interwoven georgette.

    If the weft adopts only one twist direction, the woven Georgette is called CIS fiber georgette. CIS fiber Georgette presents warp concave convex pleated irregular wrinkles, and the cost is lower than that of yarn fabrics.

    Difference between chiffon and polyester

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says the two are different things. Chiffon is an excellent silk. Now many women wear chiffon.

    Polyester is an ordinary knitted fabric, which is thicker than cotton. The relationship between the two is like the relationship between wood and table.

    Polyester silk can withstand chemical substances and frequent washing to reduce the fading and decolorization of clothes.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says therefore, hotel uniforms, stone blue jeans, sportswear or children’s clothes will be made of polyester silk.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says in contrast, polyester is stronger than rayon. When embroidery is carried out, the machine runs at high speed, and the polyester thread with high toughness can also bear large tensile force.

    And its fire resistance is very high; Even if the clothes are close to the flame; It’s not easy to touch fire.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler

    Does chiffon fabric have elasticity

    Chiffon is divided into ordinary chiffon and elastic chiffon. Ordinary Chiffon has no elasticity.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says elastic Chiffon is actually a kind of chiffon, chiffon is georgette. It has the texture and air permeability of chiffon.

    The fabric is thicker than ordinary non elastic chiffon, and has the characteristics of flexible expansion.

    It feels a little dry, which is the characteristic of chiffon. Ordinary chiffon fabric is soft and elegant, which can be divided into silk chiffon and imitation silk chiffon.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says imitation silk chiffon is polyester, which belongs to chemical fiber. Silk chiffon and silk Georgi are two varieties. Smooth and wrinkle free silk yarn is silk chiffon, and rough and wrinkled silk yarn is silk Georgi.

    Can Chiffon clothes be machine washed

    When washing, you should first look at the tag of your chiffon shirt. If there is a word that can’t be machine washed, don’t machine wash it.

    If you plan to wash it by machine, it depends on what kind of washing machine it is.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says if it is double cylinder and wave wheel, it is recommended not to wash it in it, which is easy to be damaged.

    If it’s a drum washing machine, you can adjust it to the gear of gentle washing. It’s OK to be gentle. Generally, it doesn’t hurt the clothes.

    Can chiffon fabric be ironed

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says Chiffon can be ironed. When ironing this kind of clothes, we should first pay attention to that the temperature should not be high, and the adjustment of steam volume should also be well controlled.

    It is recommended to use some brands with accurate steam gear, such as Huaguang, Midea, etc.

    Secondly, avoid getting wet, drip dry naturally after washing, do not wring dry with force, stretch and iron to avoid shrinkage.

    It is necessary to choose an anti condensation hanging ironing machine.

    It is best to bring accessories with the machine itself, such as when ironing clothes with collars.

    Does chiffon fabric shrink during use

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says now there are two kinds of chiffon fabrics on the market: one is polyester, the other is silk, and the shrinkage of the two is very different.

    1. Polyester Chiffon: there is no shrinkage, and the shrinkage of finished products can be controlled within 3%.

    2. Silk chiffon: due to high twist, loose fabric structure and large shrinkage, if the finished product has not been pre shrunk, the water washing shrinkage can reach more than 10%.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says However, manufacturers generally do pre shrinkage finishing, and the shrinkage rate of finished products is about 5%.

    Therefore, when it comes to silk fabrics, you must wash them in cold water when washing them.

    They are usually dried and cannot be dried. In this way, the shrinkage will be much better.

    How to deal with the electrostatic problem of chiffon fabric

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says You may also have the experience of being electrified when wearing chiffon skirt. Is there any way to avoid being electrified when wearing Chiffon.

    Static electricity is caused by friction between clothes and dry skin. So we can solve it from two aspects:

    1. Do a good job in moisturizing the body. Wipe the high moisturizing water emulsion in time and rub more in the parts prone to friction.

    2. Buy anti-static detergent, add it properly when washing clothes, and then clean the chiffon skirt.

    How to clean the oil stain on chiffon fabric

    Grease stains are commonly known as oil stains, which are insoluble in water.

    Such stains shall be removed from Chiffon clothes by wiping or brushing with organic solutions such as solvent gasoline, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, alcohol, acetone, Sina water, banana water, turpentine and benzene.

    Note: Chiffon is divided into silk chiffon and imitation silk chiffon.

    If you are not sure whether a certain method of removing oil stains will hurt clothes, you can try it in the hidden place of clothes first.

    What’s the difference between chiffon and mulberry silk

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says Chiffon is a yarn (not textile) product in silk products. Its name comes from the sound and meaning of English chiffon, which means light and transparent fabric.

    It has the characteristics of light, transparent, soft and elegant fabric.

    In recent years, due to the rapid development of chemical fiber technology, the original “silk” has been replaced by “chemical fiber”.

    Its feel and style are very close or similar, so Chiffon is often said to be silk chiffon or chemical fiber chiffon.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says Mulberry silk, also known as “natural silk”, is a continuous long fiber formed by the solidification of silk liquid secreted by mature silkworm during cocooning. Many production enterprises are also known as “silk cotton”.

    Like wool, it is one of the earliest animal fibers used by human beings. According to different foods, it can be divided into silkworm, tussah, cassava silkworm, camphor silkworm, willow silkworm and tiansilkworm.

    China chiffon fabric wholesaler says The silk strip extracted from a single cocoon is called cocoon silk, which is composed of two single fibers bonded and coated with sericin.

    The silk strips made by pulling out the cocoon silk of several cocoons and wrapping them with sericin can be divided into mulberry silk (also known as raw silk) and tussah silk, which are collectively referred to as silk.

    Silk without sericin is called refined silk. With them as raw materials, they can be processed into various kinds of fabrics by loom.


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