chiffon fabric factory What are the characteristics and advantages of chiffon fabrics

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Chiffon fabric factory says Chiffon is a kind of silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warp and crepe weft, which is processed by twisting the raw materials left and right. In recent years, the chiffon market has become larger and larger, so why is Chiffon so popular?

The warp and weft of chiffon adopt two kinds of strong twist yarns with different twist directions: S twist and Z twist.

Chiffon fabric factory says They are arranged alternately according to ZS and 2Z and interwoven with plain weave.

The warp and weft density of the fabric is very small.

After the grooved fabric with yarn twist, it is slightly two-way woven, giving Chiffon some feeling of stretch and slightly rough.

chiffon fabric factory

Chiffon fabric factory explain characteristics of chiffon fabric

Chiffon fabrics can be composed of silk, cotton, nylon, polyester or rayon. According to different fabrics, the price of clothes made of chiffon will be different.

Chiffon fabric factory says Because silk chiffon is a Tulle made of natural silk fiber, it is often more expensive and needs a dry and clean storage environment.

Silk can also be used to make Georgette, sometimes called crepe. The fabric is thick, like opaque curtain cloth, but it also feels soft and light like chiffon.

Chiffon fabric factory says advantages of chiffon fabrics

Cotton can also be used as the source material for making chiffon, but the chiffon surface will have a foggy feeling.

Synthetic material is the most commonly used material to make chiffon, because the chiffon fabric made of synthetic material is easy to dye, the price is relatively cheap, and the fabric is relatively strong and durable.

Chiffon fabric factory says However, chiffon fabrics made of synthetic materials are not delicate enough, so they should be washed by hand in cold water.

However, this chiffon fabric has the same smooth and soft feeling as the chiffon fabric made of silk.


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