What is the best material for wide stripe curtain fabric? 4 kinds of materials

The installation of wide stripe curtain fabric basically represents the end of the entire hard decoration project.

The choice of wide stripe curtain fabric needs to be determined according to the apartment type, decoration style, and the owner’s preferences.

So with so many types of curtains, how should you choose? Next, the methods of purchasing curtains summarized by the master, you can refer to them, and they will be used in the future decoration.

Choice of wide stripe curtain fabric material

Curtain materials include polyester, linen, cotton, flannel, silk and many other types.

According to the texture, sun resistance, heat insulation, shading and other characteristics of the material, you can choose the curtains suitable for your family.

1. Polyester Curtains

It can also be called polyester fiber material, with smooth and delicate surface, good sun resistance and heat insulation performance.

In much home decoration, polyester curtains are also more common.

Scope of application: bedrooms, north-facing rooms, etc.; and simple, Nordic-style families

The bedroom space has high requirements for shading performance, and the light will affect the family’s sleep, especially if the sun shines into the bedroom in the morning, it may directly affect the mental state of the day.

Therefore, you can choose thick polyester wide stripe curtain fabric, which not only can effectively block light, but also are more resistant to sunlight, and are not easy to fade after long-term use.

In the matching of decoration styles, because the surface of polyester material is smooth and delicate, it is more suitable for simple and natural decoration styles such as Nordic and Nordic, without too many complicated decorations, and the overall matching is relatively natural and unobtrusive.

wide stripe curtain fabric
What is the best material for wide stripe curtain fabric? 4 kinds of materials 2

2. Linen and cotton curtains

Cotton wide stripe curtain fabric are soft and comfortable, and have good dyeing performance; linen curtains have a rough surface, and the light will be softer after passing through, and will not seriously reduce indoor lighting, but linen material does not feel very good, so pure linen curtains may not be available on the market.

At present, there are more linen and cotton blended curtains on the market.

The advantages of the two are combined, or the linen and cotton wide stripe curtain fabric are added with polyester material to enhance the thermal insulation effect.

Scope of application: living room, study; or families with Chinese, Japanese and other decoration styles

The living room and study have certain requirements for lighting. Linen and cotton curtains are used.

Even if the curtains are drawn, there is still soft light in the room, and it will not affect indoor reading work or leisure life during the day.

Similarly, Chinese and Japanese decoration styles are more in pursuit of texture, so installing linen and cotton curtains is also more in line with the owner’s life taste and grade.

3. Flannel curtains

The more common are velvet curtains, which are shiny, vertical, bright and gorgeous in color.

Scope of application: European, classical, retro and other decoration styles

These decoration styles give people the feeling of high-end and temperament.

Therefore, choosing flannel wide stripe curtain fabric, with more gorgeous color and other characteristics, can better reflect the atmosphere and luxury of the entire decoration style, and it looks more upscale.

4. Silk curtains

Made of silk material, it is comfortable, breathable and slippery, giving people the feeling that it also has a noble texture.

Scope of application: The scope of application is small, and it is not recommended for ordinary families to install silk curtains

Silk curtains are more delicate, difficult to maintain, and do not sunscreen. Most of the wide stripe curtain fabric themselves are used to block the sun, and silk is such a delicate material, it is difficult to be applied in real life.


Through the analysis of the above curtain materials, there is basically no need to tangle when choosing curtains for decoration in the future.

For simple Nordic decoration styles, polyester curtains can be considered; for Chinese, Japanese and other decoration styles, linen and cotton curtains are better; and for European, retro and elegant decoration styles, flannel curtains can be considered.

Choose according to the functional space. You can choose linen cotton curtains for the living room and study, and thick polyester wide stripe curtain fabric for the bedroom.

Of course, the specific material, as well as the color pattern of the curtains, not only need to look at the decoration style and space, but also need to combine the owner’s preferences, space attributes (such as north facing, strong light, etc.) and other factors to choose the curtains suitable for your family.

explanation of Curtain from Wikipedia


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