Traditional Handicrafts of India! What to Take Back With You!

People from all over the world love to visit India for various reasons! Apart from the numerous colorful and lively cultural traditions, food and natural beauty, one more thing that attracts international tourists is the handicrafts of India! In fact, India is the treasure land for handicrafts with diverse craftsmen skills scattered all around! So, if you are also visiting India and are thinking what traditional handicrafts to take back with you to your own homeland, we will help you in this task. This article tells you about traditional handicrafts of India that you can carry back as a souvenir or gift for your loved ones.

Types of Handicrafts in India

There are many types of handicrafts in India which include handmade furniture- carved or painted furniture, jewelry, metal craft, paintings, pottery, stone craft & marble inlay work, different types of embellished textiles, wooden handicrafts etc. Some of the handicrafts are so large that you cannot take them with you like heavy furniture or marble statues etc. However, there is always the option of international cargo facilities provided by some of the handicrafts manufacturers and suppliers. If you cannot pay for such expensive services or highly priced handicrafts, there are always smaller and cheap handicraft items which are also very beautiful than their bigger and expensive counterparts. You can always take these types of handicrafts with you to your own country.

What Traditional Handicrafts of India to Take Back?

Below is given the list of handicrafts that you can take back with you as gifts.

Metal Craft of India- You will find all types of metal craft – gold and silver to copper and brass metal crafts. Take enameled jewelry and utensils like wine-cups, finger-bowls, pill boxes etc. They can be found in gold and silver and sometimes they are studded with jewels too. You can find utensils made of white metal and electroplated brass and copper with engravings on them. These metal crafts could be found in various Indian cities. However, they can even be found in traditional crafts markets situated in New Delhi, the capital of India.

Handcrafted Textile of India- People from many countries love to have silk woven and embroidered fabrics. You can also find textiles with block printing, tie and dye fabrics, batik print clothes, and other ethnic dresses in India. They are beautiful and whats interesting is that you will find at least one specific type of textile in every part of India. So, you can get brocade textile in Northern India, hand loom clothes in East India, different types of silk clothing in states of South India, mirror embroidery work and tie and dye fabrics in West India and so on. Collect whatever you can from wherever you can!

Wooden Handicrafts of India- You will find carved and inlaid wooden items, wood lacquering work, wooden sculptures & statues and many other types of wooden handicrafts in India. Carved wood furniture of Northern India is famous for its incomparable craftsmanship. Other states too have developed distinct styles of wood carvings. Rajasthan is also noted for its carved sandalwood and rosewood apart from the heavy ornamental furniture. If you can not take back heavy furniture, you will find all types of other wooden handicrafts like toys, cigar boxes, mirror frames, pen holders and many other wood craft items in India. If interested in them, know more about State wise wooden handicrafts of India.


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