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Recycled fiber Fabric

Recycled fiber fabrics, also called rayon fabrics, are made from a variety of recycled fibers. The production of recycled fiber is inspired by the silkworms spitting silk, using natural polymer compounds such as cellulose and protein as raw materials, and then made into a concentrated polymer solution by chemical processing, and then spun and post-treated to make textile fiber.

Recycled fibers are made from recycled plastic yarns in the world. Recycled fibers are characterized by better quality and a more comfortable feel.

Wholesale Price: $0.8-$5/meter

Applications Of Recycled fiber Fabric

As the textile, apparel, fashion and retail industries move in a more sustainable direction, one area of interest is the use of recycled fibers, yarns, fabrics and product components in the development and production of new products. Recycled fiber fabrics are used in a wide range of applications.

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