3 Significant advantages of recycled fiber fabric?

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What is recycled fiber fabric?

Recycled fiber fabric takes natural cellulose (cotton, hemp, bamboo, trees, shrubs, etc.) as raw materials, does not change its chemical structure, but only changes the physical structure of natural cellulose, so as to produce recycled fiber fabric with better performance.

Recycled fiber fabric is 100% pure natural material, which can be naturally biodegradable, without addition, heavy metals, harmful chemicals, affinity and no stimulation to the skin.

Its structural composition is similar to that of cotton, but its moisture absorption and air permeability are better than that of cotton fiber.

At the same time, it also has some advantages of silk that cotton fiber does not have, so it is more comfortable to wear.

recycled fiber fabric

Advantages of recycled fiber fabric

Breathable and cool

Recycled fiber has good air permeability and is known as “breathing fabric”. It will not feel muggy in summer.

Its air permeability is better than that of pure cotton fabric. It is an ideal close fitting fabric and is conducive to human health.

hygroscopic and sweat releasing

The basic chemical composition of recycled fiber is the same as that of cotton fiber, and its performance is also close to that of cotton fiber, but its moisture absorption is better than that of cotton fiber.

Among the 12 main textile fibers, the moisture content of recycled fiber meets the physiological requirements of human skin and is better than other fibers.

Skin friendly comfort

Recycled fiber fabric feels soft, smooth and cool, and is not easy to generate static electricity.

It has the softness of cotton, the luster of silk and the smoothness of hemp. It is comfortable and close to the body and has no irritation to the skin.

Good dyeing performance

Due to the strong moisture absorption of recycled fiber, recycled fiber fabric is easier to color than cotton fiber, with pure color, gorgeous color fastness and the most complete chromatography.


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