Printed fabric wholesaler said knowledge characteristics of printed fabrics

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    What is the printed fabric?

    Printed fabric wholesaler says printed fabrics are made of grey cloth and printed paper at high temperature.

    They have been very popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties and reached their peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

    Once deeply loved by people, it was used as a necessary product for dowry bedding and clothes.

    Printed fabric wholesaler says in addition, you can also search “printing” in the search box at the head of this site to find all the products related to printed fabrics.

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    Printed fabric wholesaler says advantages of printed fabrics

    1. The patterns of printed cloth are various and beautiful, which solves the problem that there was only pure color cloth without printing in the past

    2. It has greatly enriched people’s material life enjoyment, and printed cloth is widely used, which can not only be worn as clothes, but also be mass produced

    3. Good quality and low price, ordinary people can basically afford it and are loved by them

    Printed fabric wholesaler point out disadvantages of printed fabrics

    1. The pattern of traditional printed cloth is relatively single, and the color and pattern are subject to great limitations

    2. Printing cannot be transferred on pure cotton fabric, and the printed fabric may be decolorized and discolored after long use.

    Frequently asked questions about printed fabrics:

    Q: how to print on the cloth?

    A: one is to make a positioning map before dyeing, and then print directly when dyeing. Another is to print after dyeing.

    Q: what is the difference between paper printed fabrics

    A: if the fabric you want requires coating, you should pay attention to the fact that some coating factories with immature technology will sometimes stick after coating, and you should pay attention to the fact that the glue is printed.

    The most important thing is to see if there is glue on the front.

    Printed fabric wholesaler says this is very serious calendering: calendering generally has little problem, mainly to see if the hand feels right When the fabric is pressed out, the feel will be very brittle, clattering like paper, and then the brightness.

    Printed fabric wholesaler says another thing to note is that after some fabrics are pressed and polished, you will have a lot of white marks on the fabric with your hand, which can’t be removed.

    Table of Contents
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      Table of Contents
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