Cleaning and maintenance skills of peachskin fabric

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    Can peach skin velvet fabric be washed?

    Peachskin fabric, even if you love a fabric, it is an inevitable fact that clothes will be dirty for a long time.

    Because of its good moisture absorption, ventilation and waterproof lamp effect, this smooth waxy peachskin fabric is very popular in some jackets.

    In addition, it is also applicable to some household decorations, packaging materials for soft accessories, etc.

    With the more and more widely used in life, how to clean and maintain it when it is dirty has become a difficult task.

    Many people doubt whether this kind of peachskin fabric can be washed in life? The answer is yes.

    Because this kind of fabric has strong water resistance, proper washing with water will not have a great impact on the internal Plush structure.

    Of course, being able to wash with water doesn’t mean that you can throw it into the washing machine. That’s the biggest chance.

    If you throw it into the washing machine, it will cause physical damage to the surface.

    Therefore, if it’s dirty, you’d better wash it by hand or wipe the dirt on the surface with a clean cleaning cloth after being stained with water.

    peachskin fabric

    Maintenance method of peach skin velvet:

    1.One feature of peachskin fabric is to keep the leather breathing. Just like the pores of human epidermis, breathing for a long time will easily lead to the blockage of some dust or small particles in the air.

    Therefore, it is necessary to make it clear periodically.

    The best way is to dip some water with pure cotton cloth and properly clean the surface.

    After cleaning, a layer of polish wax can be applied to the surface to maintain the smooth and smooth effect of the overall texture, and it can be dried in a cool place.

    2. Reduce oil contamination. If you say what this kind of fabric is most afraid of, I believe the answer is very clear, it is oil contamination. Oil contamination is very destructive to peach skin velvet.

    Therefore, in oil intensive environments such as cooking kitchens, you’d better not wear such clothes.

    What if you accidentally stain oil on your clothes during dinner? Then you need a pure cotton rag coated with neutral soapy water, and then use a dry cotton cloth to suck up the oil and sewage.

    You must not wipe it with water directly like dust removal. This will lead to the spread of oil pollution, and the oil is insoluble in water. We should still be very clear.

    3. When it is appropriate to prevent aging, you can spray some leather cleaner, which can prevent aging, and can also maintain the exterior color of clothing.
    There will be too much difference in color uniformity. In addition, if it is pants, it is best to reduce sitting on leather sofa.
    There is still some conflict between the two materials, which is suitable for contact on soft cloth sofa.

    4. Avoid the direct sun exposure of peachskin fabric and other fabrics. They are still very afraid of the sun.

    Many people will hang them on the open balcony and accept the baptism of ultraviolet rays during daily cleaning and maintenance.

    In fact, this is wrong, which will accelerate the aging of fabrics. In addition, if the sun is big outside, It’s also best not to walk around in the sun in this kind of clothes.

    You can wear them in the office and at home every day. It’s no problem to go to the street occasionally.


    Table of Contents
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