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Peachskin fabric

Peachskin fabric is the imitation leather fabric developed after the artificial suede product, it is a thin fabric composed of microfiber, is a novel thin pile fabric of microfiber fabric, it is stripped from the artificial suede, because it is not treated by polyurethane wet method, so the texture is softer.
And because its pile is shorter, the surface can hardly see the pile but the skin can feel it, so the feel and appearance is more delicate and chic. Compared with artificial suede, peach skin luster is soft and elegant, which gives consumers a sense of novelty and suits people’s curious consumer psychology, so it quickly becomes popular in the international market. Tencel can be treated to obtain the feel of peach skin.
The formation of the unique style of peach skin suede-like fabric can be said to be the basis of the ultra-fine denier high-density thin fabric, while the abrasive finishing is the key to the product.

Wholesale Price: $0.8-$5/meter

Applications Of Peachskin fabric

Peachskin fabric is the imitation leather fabric developed after the artificial suede products, which is a thin fabric composed of ultra-fine fibers. Peachskin fabric can be used as clothing (jackets, dresses, etc.) fabric, but also as the ideal material for bags and cases, shoes and hats, furniture decoration. It has the function of moisture absorption, breathability, waterproof and silk-like appearance and style, and the fabric is soft, lustrous and smooth to the touch.

What are the performance characteristics of Peachskin fabric

1、Humidity absorption, breathable
Peachskin fabric with moisture absorption, breathable, waterproof function and silk-like appearance and style, fabric soft, lustrous, feel smooth glutinous. Peachskin fabric is the use of ultra-fine synthetic fibers as raw materials, weaving, printing and dyeing special deep processing (such as reduction, grinding and sand washing, etc.) and a special visual and tactile products. Of course, there is no special deep processing, but in the fiber selection and combination and changes in the weaving of the peachskin products.
2、Environmental protection
Peachskin fabric is a kind of fabric surface touch and vision are like the peach skin of the suede fabric. It is a kind of degree thin sanding pile fabric woven by superfine synthetic fiber. The surface of the fabric is covered with a strange short but delicate and fine small fleece. Among them, RPET peach skin velvet fabric is a more environmentally friendly fabric.

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