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Modal fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber, and rayon is the same as cellulose fiber, is a pure man-made fiber. Made from woody pulp from the bushes in Europe and spun through a specialized spinning process, modal products are now mostly used in the production of underwear because of its inherent softness and excellent moisture absorption.
Modal knitted fabrics are mainly used for making underwear. But modal has a silvery-white luster and bright color after dyeing, which is enough to make it a talent used for outerwear. Because of this, modal is increasingly becoming a material for outerwear and its decorative fabrics. JM/C (50/50) can make up for the shortcomings of pure modal products, which have poor stiffness, by blending with other fibers. Blended fabrics woven with such yarns make the cotton fibers more supple and improve the appearance of the fabric.

Wholesale Price: $0.8-$5/meter

Applications Of Modal Fabric

Modal fibers meet the requirements of the ECO-TEX standard, are physiologically harmless and biodegradable. It has particular advantages for textiles that come into direct contact with the body, and the fine denier fiber gives modal knitted fabrics comfortable wearability, a soft feel, flowing drape, attractive luster and high moisture absorption. For this reason, many warp and weft knitters have started using the fiber as a raw material for daywear and sleepwear, sportswear and leisurewear, as well as for lace. The fabric has a particularly ideal effect when combined with other intimate apparel, so that your skin can often remain dry and comfortable, even after washing, can still maintain a certain degree of water absorption and light soft feeling, thanks to the smooth surface of the material, to avoid the tangling of fibers in the process of washing.

What are the performance characteristics of UR Modal Fabric

  • Modal fabric is made of wood from nature, which can be degraded naturally after use, and the fineness of Modal fiber is 1dtex, while the fineness of cotton fiber is 1.5-2.5dtex, and the fineness of silk is 1.3dtex.
  • Modal fabric is soft, smooth, colorful, the fabric feels especially smooth, the fabric surface is shiny and bright, drapability are better than the existing cotton, polyester, rayon, silk-like luster and feel, is a natural mercerized fabric.
  • Modal fabric has the strength and toughness of synthetic fiber, with dry strength of 3.56cn/tex and wet strength of 2.56cn/tex. The strength is higher than cotton and polyester-cotton, which reduces the phenomenon of head breakage in processing.
  • Modal fiber has 50% higher moisture absorption capacity than cotton fiber, which makes Modal fiber fabric can keep dry and breathable. It is ideal for intimate fabrics and health care apparel products, which is beneficial to human physiological circulation and health.
  • Modal fabric has good morphological and dimensional stability compared with cotton fiber, which makes the fabric have natural wrinkle resistance and non-iron, making it more convenient and natural to wear.
  • Modal fabrics have better dyeing performance and remain bright as new after many washes, and moisture absorption and thoroughness, good color fastness, compared with cotton, more comfortable to wear, no cotton clothing easy to fade, yellowing shortcomings. Therefore, the fabric color is bright, the fabric taking performance is stable, and cotton fabric together after 25 times of washing, the feel will be more and more hard. Modal fiber fabric is the opposite, the more wash soft, the more wash bright.
  • Modal dry strength close to polyester strength (35cn/tex), wet strength is slightly lower than cotton, soft and smooth, silk feel, wet state elongation is small, the dry state elongation of the fiber between cotton and viscose, its wet state elongation and cotton about the same, but less than viscose; wash shrinkage is low, its good moisture absorption capacity, fifty percent higher than cotton, and moisture absorption speed is extremely fast. Modal fiber dyeing characteristics, its absorption rate of pigment faster than combed cotton and combed cotton, and high absorption rate, bright color after dyeing; good breathability.

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