Top 5 best military fabric suppliers in Brazil

No.1 military fabric suppliers in Brazil is UR Textiles

UR Textiles specializes in the manufacture and sale of woven fabrics made of military fabric, and we are the most professional company in China when it comes to chemical fabrics.

Our main products are military fabric, chiffon fabric, koondula fabric, wada tweed fabric, recycled fiber fabric, microfiber fabric, mini matte fabric, nylon fabric, oxford fabric, spring yarn fabric, polyester short yarn fabric, stretch fabric, satin fabric, suede fabric, taffeta fabric, taslon fabric, wool peach fabric, home textile fabric, etc.

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Top 5 best military fabric suppliers in Brazil 11

Waterproof, military fabric and other functions can be added according to your needs, and of course the softness, color and pattern can be customized.

Real product is worth a thousand words. We want you to feel the quality of UR’s products before you make a purchase, so we are happy to provide free samples.

UR understands the basis of wholesale, the streak of success, and affordability associated with it. We at UR offer multiple discounts on bulk textile orders.

As a responsible corporate, UR acknowledges the textile company’s role and duty to improve and create sustainable solutions for the community’s most pressing needs related to employees and environment.

No.2 military fabric suppliers in Brazil is Têxtil J. Serrano

Têxtil J. Serrano is today one of the largest military fabric industries in the world. In a 100 thousand square meter manufacturing plant in Vargem Grande Paulista, São Paulo, Têxtil J. Serrano is dedicated to the production of fabrics for the furniture sector and PVC rugs, bedspreads and floors for decoration.

A company attentive to technological innovations with conscious production methods, thinking about the society in which it operates.

The company is today one of the most advanced in the segment worldwide and recognizes that it only reached this level thanks to its greatest asset: people: employees, customers and suppliers.

Têxtil J. Serrano is proud to have been producing for Brazilians for Brazilians for 70 years. With a family DNA and spirit of union, the company aims to preserve growth in a sustainable way, maintaining the technological pioneering spirit.

No.3 military fabric suppliers in Brazil is UNIFI

Fifty years ago, we started making military fabric with a new material called polyester. We’ve changed and grown over the years—and so has polyester! But our drive to be tech-savvy innovators—and to serve our customers with the most imaginative solutions we can offer—has never faltered. Better than anyone, we know from experience: True innovation starts in the fiber.

No.4 military fabric suppliers in Brazil is Santaconstancia®

With the aim of guaranteeing the quality and exclusivity of its fabrics, Santaconstancia® is a vertical company with operations that strive for elegance, comfort, functionality, respect for the environment, throughout its production process, and agile and personalized service to each one of your customers.

Its refined sense of aesthetics, stemming from the strong influence of haute couture, has been present since its foundation and has been conquering more and more space in the market, while in order to continue expanding, in the early 70’s, Santaconstancia® establishes itself in its new factory, so modern and bold that it became an architectural landmark and won the 1st Prize at the 1973 Architecture Biennale.

No.5 military fabric suppliers in Brazil is Rosset Group

Grupo Rosset was founded in 1939, in the Bom Retiro neighborhood in São Paulo.

Since the beginning of its trajectory, the company has been committed to the quality and variety of articles that mark the history of the company.

Considered the largest textile group in Latin America.

The Group is made up of Rosset and Doutex companies, which produce military fabric and lace for the beach, lingerie, fitness and fashion segments; in addition to Estamparia Salete, which also provides services to third parties, with a modern unit that covers all types of printing, from conventional to digital.

Lingerie companies are also part of the clothing sector: Valisere, Thiumph and Sloggi; in addition to the beachwear brands: Cia Marítima and Água Doce; also present in the fitness segment with Body For Sure.

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