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What is microfiber

Microfiber home textiles, also known as microfiber, is a strong and durable new material mainly used for decorative fabrics.

In addition, this material is also used in many daily necessities, including cleaning tools such as curtains, sheets and mops.

Because it is flammable, microfiber home textiles is rarely used to produce clothing, but it is often used in sportswear because it can absorb sweat from the body.

This material is mainly processed from petroleum waste.

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Development process of microfiber

In the mid-20th century, synthetic fiber production began to expand to new fields.

One of the technological breakthroughs is to convert the waste residue left after refining oil into man-made fibers that can be used for home decorations.

This refining process produces a waste called polypropylene, which can be processed into olefin fibers.

Olefin fiber is very suitable for the production of automotive interiors, home and office carpets, and even curtains.

Olefin fiber was put into mass production by Hercules in the 1970s, using herculon ® Brand.

Continuous tests eventually developed polypropylene into a very fine fiber, which is now microfiber home textiles.

Although it is very thin, it has excellent elasticity, so this kind of fiber is widely used in the textile industry, and olefin fiber is not suitable for these products because of its insufficient density.

Now it seems that it is entirely possible to turn waste into extremely valuable materials.

Product characteristics of microfiber home textiles

Microfiber home textiles has excellent moisture absorption and perspiration properties, which means that it can absorb water and oil instead of leaving them on the surface of the material.

This makes it an ideal material for football and basketball, because the sweat on the players’ hands will not make the ball slippery and difficult to grasp.

This moisture absorption and perspiration property also makes microfiber a popular material for furniture, especially sofas, which can be easily wiped off before staining food and beverages.

3 main uses of microfiber

Household goods

Microfiber home textiles is also used to produce various fabrics that need to absorb water.

For example, the cleaning cloth used for dust removal and glass cleaning is often made of microfiber materials.

Most cloth made of this material will not leave residue or dust, so it is very suitable for waxing cars.

However, it should be known that microfiber materials will absorb dust and fluff. Ideally, clean the rag after each use to avoid leaving residue.


Microfibers are also often used in textile applications such as tablecloths and curtains.

The anti dyeing ability of this material is favored by many homeowners, restaurant operators and other business owners because they are not only beautiful, but also practical.

Bath towels and towels made of microfiber are also popular, which can easily remove moisture and moisture.


Although microfiber has been used to make clothes for many years, it is mainly used in sports clothes because of its ability to absorb moisture and sweat.

This material can also be found in medical compression socks that help patients increase blood circulation.

However, because it is flammable and not a natural material, many people oppose using this material to make clothes.

In addition, some people feel that wearing microfiber clothes is not as comfortable as other fabrics.


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