Herman Miller Aeron Chair Maintenance Guide

Perfectly and thoughtfully designed with the green lifestyle in mind, the Aeron ergonomic chair is made of 64% recycled material. Generally constructed using 36% aluminum, 31% steel and 31% plastic materials, the Aeron chair can be recycled for use in other products at the end of its worthwhile and long life. With concern for the environment, Herman Miller Inc. created a user friendly work device never before seen within the market of ergonomic chair designs.

Using materials made from recycled goods and coupling this effort with the creation of a stellar product makes the Aeron chair and its cousin lines unique within the ergonomic office chair manufacturing industries. By avoiding the use of more common textiles, HM salutes the environment and saves on energy use while dodging pollutants found in many textile fabrics. Kira, a fabric made from corn, contains no petroleum and is used in seats and backing of Herman Miller products.

Dyes used in the Aeron office chairs and other HM products use solution dyes which consume less energy while avoiding waste. HM and their groundbreaking vision of form and function take a greener turn with all of their ergonomic office chair and furniture lines.

Purchasing your Aeron computer chair can be quickly and conveniently done by going directly to the Herman Miller website. Once you are there, you will be directed to many different sites where you may order your Aeron chair or any other ergonomic office chair product in the Herman Miller line of quality furniture pieces.

Being created and designed with quality and overall satisfaction in mind, the Aeron chair as well as all of the Herman Miller ergonomic office chair and home furniture pieces is available through your finer home furniture and office supply stores. Buying your Aeron chair through an authorized Herman Miller dealer will ensure that your buying experience is complete and the satisfaction of your final order is made to your specifications.

This makes the purchase of your quality Aeron ergonomic desk chair an experience which rivals the common shopping excursion. Or, if you would prefer, you can easily frequent one of the many conveniently located Aeron desk chair certified dealers in your area. Once there, you will have the opportunity to personally test an Aeron computer Chair and judge for yourself the unique designs and one of a kind comfort level offered only by the Aeron desk chair.


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