Top 6 best curtain fabric tartan suppliers in Canada

No.1 curtain fabric tartan supplier in Canada is UR Textiles

UR Textiles specializes in the manufacture and sale of curtain fabric tartan made of chemical fibers, and we are the most professional company in China when it comes to chemical fabrics.

Our main products are curtain fabric tartan, chiffon fabric, koondula fabric, wada tweed fabric, recycled fiber fabric, microfiber fabric, mini matte fabric, nylon fabric, oxford fabric, spring yarn fabric, polyester short yarn fabric, stretch fabric, satin fabric, suede fabric, taffeta fabric, taslon fabric, wool peach fabric, home textile fabric, etc.

curtain fabric tartan
Top 6 best curtain fabric tartan suppliers in Canada 10

Waterproof, fireproof and other functions can be added according to your needs, and of course the softness, color and pattern can be customized.

Real product is worth a thousand words. We want you to feel the quality of UR’s products before you make a purchase, so we are happy to provide free samples.

UR understands the basis of wholesale, the streak of success, and affordability associated with it. We at UR offer multiple discounts on bulk textile orders.

As a responsible corporate, UR acknowledges the textile company’s role and duty to improve and create sustainable solutions for the community’s most pressing needs related to employees and environment.

No.2 curtain fabric tartan supplier in Canada is Fabric Club

At The Fabric Club, our mission is to help sewing, textile projects and home decor enthusiasts, live their passion to the fullest, while relying on the importance of making time for oneself and creating unique projects! 

A personalized and welcoming service 

Our passionate, attentive, and very talented store consultants can give the little nudge that will bring your projects above and beyond.   

You will find online and in store, inspiring models, tips and tricks, as well as contents providing you with techniques, curtain fabric tartan, trends as well as creative step-by-steps. 

More than 50,000 members are ready to help one another, share their knowledge, and take part in various activities held throughout the year.  

At The Fabric Club, we want to allow all employees to overcome the challenges related to work-life balance by taking measures to make sure our working conditions are adapted to today’s reality and exceed our industry’s standards.

No.3 curtain fabric tartan supplier in Canada is Tonic Living

Tonic Living, founded in 2004, is a family-owned home decor shop based in Toronto, Canada. We bring a fresh mix of curated pillows, curtain fabric tartan, and decor accessories to designers, decorators, and home decor lovers worldwide.

We’re here to help you layer in a soulful blend of colour, texture, and ease into your space. We work daily with our in-house sewing team to ensure high quality and long-lasting products. That’s what makes us so unique, all our pillows and ottomans are designed and made locally in our own workroom.

We believe decor should be easy, livable, and put a smile on your face. We are believers in the mix and we do not subscribe to any decor rules. We deliver consistent products, provide an exceptional online shopping experience, and expert advice.

No.4 curtain fabric tartan supplier in Canada is Equus Fabrics Inc.

Equus Fabrics Inc. is a family owned and operated company that has been in the industry for over 15 years. With over 40 years of experience, President Terence O’Shea and son Ben O’Shea have been an integral part of Equus Fabrics and have had much input in the design of newly selected fabrics.

Located in Vaughan Ontario, Equus Fabrics sells to many customers across Canada. Our customer base includes retailers, designers, decorators, upholsterers, department stores, hospitals, health care facilities, hotels, and restaurants. Equus Fabrics does not sell directly to the public.

Equus Fabrics handpicks fabrics from major textile mills from around the world. Much time and effort go into the design of each of our sample books.

Our goal to our customers is simple: Provide our customers with great service, great fabrics at very competitive prices.

No.5 curtain fabric tartan supplier in Canada is Fabricville

Fabricville is committed to deliver exceptional world class customer service.

Fabricville was established in 1970 when Fabricland, the largest fabric retailer in Canada, took the decision to expand to the province Quebec.

The first Fabricville opened in Montreal 50 years ago and since then has expanded to 21 stores throughout Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

The combined buying power of Fabricville and Fabricland is unique in the industry and is the reason they can offer the largest selection of fabrics

from around the globe at affordable prices. Whether customers are looking for custom window coverings, home décor accents or in-store expertise,

Fabricville offers them the best value for their dollar.

No.6 curtain fabric tartan supplier in Canada is Prestigedecor

Due to our passion for window treatments, extensive experience, quality work, complete assortment of products & services and great supplier relationships we have set a new standard in the window treatment industry and we have become one of the most popular custom window treatment retailers not only in the Greater Toronto Area but world wide.

We provide thousands of clients from across Canada, U.S., Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East, with a wide array of custom solutions from window treatments, to furniture upholstery, interior decor, automotive and marine fabric, flooring and more.

Since our incepcion in 2005 we have expended our product lines, services and perfected our work.

Our design consultants have over 20 years of experience in the custom window treatments and interior decor industry and are some of the most in demand individuals in Canada.

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