Top 5 best curtain fabric suppliers in America

No.1 curtain fabric supplier is UR Textiles

UR Textiles specializes in the manufacture and sale of curtain fabric made of chemical fibers, and we are the most professional company in China when it comes to chemical fabrics.

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Top 5 best curtain fabric suppliers in America 11

Our main products are curtain fabric, chiffon fabric, koondula fabric, wada tweed fabric, recycled fiber fabric, microfiber fabric, mini matte fabric, nylon fabric, oxford fabric, spring yarn fabric, polyester short yarn fabric, stretch fabric, satin fabric, suede fabric, taffeta fabric, taslon fabric, wool peach fabric, home textile fabric, etc.

UR understands the basis of wholesale, the streak of success, and affordability associated with it. We at UR offer multiple discounts on bulk textile orders.

Real product is worth a thousand words. We want you to feel the quality of UR’s products before you make a purchase, so we are happy to provide free samples.

Waterproof, fireproof and other functions can be added according to your needs, and of course the softness, color and pattern can be customized.

No.2 curtain fabric supplier is Carole Fabrics

In 1958, Charles Marks founded Carole curtain fabricin Augusta GA, which he named after his only child at the time, Carole.

Carole Fabrics was a small regional company located on the corner of 9th street and Ellis in Downtown Augusta. Fabric inventory was stored on the first floor with a single office on the second. Marks often told the story of how he would take an order, place it in a can and lower to the ground floor by string, where the order would be fulfilled and shipped.

Over the next 10 years, the company grew, eventually moving to a larger facility on Reynolds Street, and then again to an even larger facility on Highland Avenue, in Augusta’s Summerville neighborhood. At this point, Carole Fabrics had begun producing custom products, and Mr. Marks had also brought on a business partner, Jim Norris, to help him run the company.

No.3 curtain fabric supplier is Equus Fabrics

Equus Fabrics is one of Canada’s leading wholesale curtain fabric suppliers, catering to both retail and commercial outlets.

We specialize in all types of drapery and upholstery fabrics. Our fabrics are hand-picked, from all around the world, from high-quality mills, so that you will always know that that you are getting the very best in quality when you buy from us.

Our product line specializes in all types of textiles including: Drapery Fabric, Upholstery, Fire Retardant, Antimicrobial Fabrics, Sheers, Outdoor Fabrics, Condo Fabrics, Drapery Lining and Voiles, Environmentally-Friendly (Green) Fabric, etc.

No.4 curtain fabric supplier is KM

KM make velvets for drapery, upholstery and specialty applications. Founded in 1979, KM Fabrics has become one of the world’s leading producers of premium velvets.

Our fabrics are made with pride in the USA, eliminating the supply chain delays that affect imported fabrics.

We work closely with our distributors to provide the fabrics you need, with competitive pricing and short lead times.

You can find KM drapery curtain fabric in America’s theatres, concert halls and performing arts venues.

Our upholstery fabrics add elegance to restaurants, hotels, casinos, cruise ships and corporate offices.

No.5 curtain fabric supplier is is a one-stop-shop for curtain fabric and home decor. Now you can navigate our entire selection with just a few clicks.

Search our entire stock, or explore page after page of our products to find exactly what you need.

View featured products or our best-sellers to find popular trends and style inspiration. Or, sort by fabric application, material, pattern, color and more.

Compare, buy and ship your perfect fabric from the best online fabric store right to your door.

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