What are the characteristics of China satin fabric

China satin fabric is a kind of fabric with complex weaving process.

Warp and weft are interwoven at least once every three yarns.

Its warp or weft has a long floating thread covering the fabric surface, which is smooth and shiny along the floating yarn direction.

Cotton satin is soft, delicate and elastic.

The pattern is more three-dimensional than cotton twill fabric.

Because satin weave makes the fabric denser, the fabric is thicker.

The cost of satin weave products is higher than that of similar plain weave and twill weave products.

Fabrics woven with satin weave are collectively referred to as satin weave.

China satin fabric is a kind of satin weave fabric, which is composed of two adjacent warp or weft individual weave points evenly distributed but not continuous.

China satin fabric

Characteristics of China satin fabric

China satin fabrics are divided into warp satin fabrics and weft satin fabrics. It is a more complex one of the three original organizations.

In satin weave, the individual weave points are covered by the floating threads of two adjacent warp or weft yarns.

The surface of the fabric is smooth and even, the texture is soft, shiny or slightly textured, with good elasticity and good air permeability.

Satin is mostly plain and can be printed. On bedding, it can be jacquard. Plain color is generally used as trouser material.

In addition, there is elastic satin with higher grade. Because it is shiny and soft, it is a unique product in pure cotton fabric.

China satin fabric has a wide range of uses and is often used as quilt, clothing, vamp and decorative cloth.

Due to the differences in weaving structure, woven fabrics can be divided into satin weave and twill weave.

The so-called satin weave fabric mainly refers to the fabric with evenly distributed but discontinuous individual weave points on two adjacent warp or weft yarns.

In comparison, the satin weave structure of woven fabrics is more complex, and can be subdivided into warp satin and weft satin.

In this kind of China satin fabric, the individual organization points are covered by the floating threads of two adjacent warp or weft yarns.

Therefore, from the appearance, the surface is very smooth and uniform, and the texture is soft, some are shiny, and some are slightly textured.

Due to its excellent performance, satin woven fabric is common in practical application.

China satin fabric can be mainly used to make quilt, clothing, vamp and decorative cloth.

The characteristics of China satin fabric can be expressed by fraction, in which the molecule represents the number of yarns in a weave cycle, referred to as the number of yarns; The denominator represents the flying number.

The meridional flying number is used for warp satin and the weft flying number is used for weft satin.

In actual production, if you want to obtain a softer texture, you should use yarns with lower viscosity.

This is because the twist direction of yarn will have a certain impact on the appearance effect of satin woven fabric.

If the twist direction of warp yarn or weft yarn of warp satin or weft Satin on the cloth surface is the same as that of the texture of the fabric, the gloss of its surface is better, otherwise it appears as a texture.

In fact, based on satin weave, many different kinds of weave can be gradually extended. For example, when weaving handkerchiefs, it is often realized by extending warp or weft weave points to form heavy satin weave.

In addition, satin woven fabrics can be combined with other fabrics to form new fabric types.


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