What is China peachskin fabric?

China peachskin fabric is a novel fabric made of ultra-fine synthetic fiber through weaving, printing and dyeing and special deep processing (such as alkali deweighting, sanding, etc.).

Its main features are: in appearance, the fabric surface is like a peach skin with fine, uniform and dense fur.

When this kind of fur seems invisible but can be touched, it diffuses in many ways under the light, which is very soft.

It feels like peach peel, soft, plump, delicate, lubricated and elastic.

The following problems should be paid attention to in the design and production of peach skin velvet fabric.

Raw material selection of China peachskin fabric

The raw material of China peachskin fabric must be fine denier synthetic fiber.

This fiber has the following characteristics: small bending stiffness, soft hand feeling and good drapability after forming.

Because the single fiber is thin and the absolute strength of the single fiber is low, it is conducive to the sanding process and is suitable for the production of peach skin velvet fabric.

Fabric weave of China peachskin fabric

Plain fabric has fine grain, soft and elastic feel, and is easy to expose the intersection point when sanding.

However, as long as the density is designed to be larger, it can be made into high-grade and fine products.

Due to uneven longitude and weft, twill fabric has a certain oblique trend.

After sanding, it is easy to produce reflection, and the luster has reverse direction.

As long as the consistency of luster effect is paid attention to during use, it will not affect the use effect.

Satin fabric has long floating length, so it is easy to hook and break when sanding, which affects the product quality.

Therefore, China peachskin fabric should adopt plain weave and twill weave structure, rather than satin weave and other fabrics with long floating length.

China peachskin fabric

Longitude and latitude density of China peachskin fabric

When designing the warp and weft density of China peachskin fabric, we should pay attention to designing the density of a group of brushed silk to be larger, which can not only make the fabric surface have uniform and dense fluff, but also improve the strength of the fabric.

Sanding treatment

The sanding process in the dyeing and finishing process of China peachskin fabric is the most important link in the production of peach skin velvet fabric.

The sanding mainly depends on the close contact between the sanding roller running at high speed and the fabric, and the curved fibers are pulled out and broken into single fibers according to the abrasive particles on the emery skin and the included angle between the convex edges and emery

Then, the fluff is ground and covered with the fabric surface texture to form a dense, fine and flat pile surface.

Therefore, the choice of emery skin is very important. We should make the best choice through repeated tests.

How about peach skin velvet

China peachskin fabric is a kind of imitation leather fabric developed after artificial suede. It is a kind of thin fabric composed of microfiber.

After fine sanding and finishing in dyeing and finishing, the surface of the fabric is closely covered with short velvet of about 0.2mm, just like the surface of honey peach.

This kind of fabric is favored by people because of its novel and elegant appearance and comfortable hand feeling. It is named micro fiber peach.

Therefore, the buffing finishing is also known as “peach skin finishing”.

This is the same as the “suede finishing” that was also called when the suede finishing was popular in the past.

Peach skin is a novel thin pile fabric of microfiber fabric.

It is derived from artificial suede. Because it is not wet treated with polyurethane, it has a softer texture.

Because of its shorter fleece, there is almost no fleece on the surface, but the skin can feel it, so that the feel and appearance are more delicate and unique.

Peach skin velvet has soft and elegant luster. Compared with artificial suede, it gives consumers a sense of novelty and is suitable for people’s curious consumer psychology.

As a result, it soon became popular in the international market.

The handle of peach skin velvet can be obtained by processing Tencel.

It can be said that the formation of the unique style of peach skin velvet fabric is based on ultra-fine denier, high density and thin fabric, and the sanding finishing is the key of the product.

Cleaning and maintenance of peach skin velvet fabric:

The key to the maintenance of China peachskin fabric lies in the breathing of leather.

Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly to keep the pores on the surface of leather from being blocked by dust.

When scrubbing, you can wipe it gently with pure cotton cloth or silk.

After scrubbing, you can spray it again with BILIZHU or polishing wax to keep it bright and clean.

If you accidentally get oil stains, you can wipe them with pure cotton cloth and towel dipped in an appropriate amount of neutral soapy water, and then suck them dry with dry cotton cloth.

Do not scrub them directly with water. The cleaned leather sofa can be sprayed with special leather cleaner and wiped repeatedly with silk fabric to prevent cortical aging.

Leather furniture should be wiped frequently to make it clean so as not to breed bacteria.

If the suede is stained with ash or oil, wipe off the dust on the surface with a dry cloth, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth (be careful not to use too much force, and wipe it gently (if you can’t wipe it off, you can try high-grade shoe powder, the one with small particles).

Then use a special glue brush to straighten out the hair on the velvet skin in one direction, because the hair of the velvet skin will make the whole skin present a uniform color only when it faces the same direction.


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