China oxford fabric factory says advantages and disadvantages of Oxford cloth

China oxford fabric factory says Combed cotton is what we usually call Oxford spinning. There are many kinds of this kind of cloth. Of course, it has a wide range of uses.

Combed cotton originally originated in Britain and was named after Oxford University in Britain.

China oxford fabric factory says The common types are jacquard, full set and lattice. At present, the raw materials of combed cotton on the market are mainly polyester, and some will use nylon.

Next, let’s introduce combed cotton and the advantages and disadvantages of combed cotton.

China oxford fabric factory

China oxford fabric factory talk about Advantages of combed cotton:

China oxford fabric factory says The raw materials for the production of combed cotton (polyester and nylon) decide that the cloth will have good wear resistance, so combed cotton will be used to produce pull rod bags.

China oxford fabric factory says At the same time, combed cotton is also resistant to scratching. The cloth is not easy to leave traces after scratching or friction, while canvas products are simply scratched.

Combed cotton is washable, easy to dry and has certain water resistance, so this kind of product is also very simple to take care of.

Combed cotton is mainly used in the production of trolley bags, such as shopping bags, suitcases, and some shoes.

Disadvantages of combed cotton:

China oxford fabric factory says Combed cotton itself has no shortcomings. Combed cotton with poor quality doesn’t feel so good. Combed cotton also has great advantages in price.

The price of 1m combed cotton is generally between a few pieces and more than a dozen pieces.

There are also combed cotton or niujin textile fabrics for sale. Below, we also recommend a popular Oxford textile fabric.

China oxford fabric factory says Nylon combed cotton: the composition of this combed cotton is 100% nylon. The effective width of the cloth is 150cm.

The cloth has good water resistance and wear resistance. It can be used for the production of work clothes such as windbreaker and outdoor clothes.

There are 33 colors to choose from. The wholesale price of the cloth is 15.8 yuan per meter.


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