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Chiffon fabric

Chiffon fabric is a very light and thin chemical fiber fabric, belongs to the plain woven fabric, usually using composite filament through the loose woven structure to make it form a transparent appearance characteristics. Chiffon is a light and transparent fabric in silk products. The fabric is light, soft, airy, smooth, breathable, easy to wash, and its comfort and drape are also very good. The fabric can be dyed, printed, embroidered, foiled, pleated and so on. It is one of the ideal fabrics for making spring and summer women’s wear, mainly in light tones and light plain colors.
In recent years, due to the rapid development of chemical fiber technology, by the “chemical fiber” instead of the original “silk”. Chiffon is also increasingly loved by consumers.

Wholesale Price: $0.8-$5/meter

Applications Of Chiffon fabric

Chiffon can show the complete body silhouette and is mostly used to make formal evening dresses or ladies’ shirts and skirts. When used for bias-cut dresses, it is used in combination with a lining that serves to hold it in place. Chiffon is also sometimes used for the production of women’s underwear, pajamas and robes.
In general, chiffon fabric is often used for the production of various light clothes.

What are the performance characteristics of Chiffon fabric

  • The texture is light and transparent, with a soft and elastic feel.
  • The appearance is light and elegant, with good breathability and drapability.
  • It is comfortable to wear, and it is elegant to wear, charming and dignified.
  • Good abrasion resistance, not easy to pilling, size stability, not easy to produce wrinkles and changes in shape.
  • The use of environmentally friendly dyeing, anti-static.
  • Cool and airy, very feminine, for women’s clothing to add to the flower.

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