The top five chiffon fabric supplier in China

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    The first chiffon fabric supplier in China is UR Textiles

    As chiffon fabric supplier,UR Textiles specializes in the manufacture and sale of woven fabrics made of chemical fibers, and we are the most professional company in China when it comes to chemical fabrics.

    Our main products are sunshade fabric, chiffon fabric, koondula fabric, wada tweed fabric, recycled fiber fabric, microfiber fabric, mini matte fabric, nylon fabric, oxford fabric, spring yarn fabric, polyester short yarn fabric, stretch fabric, satin fabric, suede fabric, taffeta fabric, taslon fabric, wool peach fabric, home textile fabric, etc.

    The second chiffon fabric supplier in China is Tangyao

    Tangyao company is an industrial and trade enterprise integrating production and R & D and is chiffon fabric supplier in China.

    The company has more than 200 advanced round machines imported from Germany: single-sided machine, double-sided machine, terry machine and jacquard machine.

    The company has professional technicians and high-tech production and processing base, and has established a complete set of effective quality assurance system from raw materials to finished products and is good chiffon fabric supplier.

    The company’s products occupy the main position in the domestic market and are exported to Europe, America, South Korea, the Middle East, South Africa and other countries.

    Professional production and R & D: Sports fabrics, sweat fabrics, fashion knitted fabrics, sweater fabrics, flannelette fabrics, jacquard fabrics and a series of medium and high-level knitted fabrics.

    We promise – high quality fabrics and considerate service, we insist – do every meter of cloth with our heart.

    chiffon fabric supplier

    The third chiffon fabric supplier in China is Sam

    Sam company is a company specializing in all kinds of yarn dyed plaid. The company is located in Shaoxing ancient city, an open city along the southeast coast of China.

    A complete production chain from PTA chemical fiber raw materials to weaving, printing and dyeing to clothing and home textiles has been formed here, and the advantages of industrial clusters are very obvious.

    The company adheres to the management philosophy of people-oriented, integrity, science and technology, unity and pragmatism.

    And has a well-trained and thoughtful sales team. The company has a strong ability to assist in R & D, and has established a solid and good cooperative relationship with major scientific research institutions.

    The company focuses on the application of high-tech fabrics and new fabrics, and is committed to helping customers improve product development.

    The development transformation from production type to science and technology type.

    The fourth chiffon fabric supplier in China is Huali

    Huali company can provide one-stop services from raw materials, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing to clothing, and can provide customers with more efficient services, shorter production cycle and more favorable unit price.

    The company has built and completed a full-automatic intelligent production system integrating manufacturing technology, digital technology, intelligent technology and network technology, realized the full-automatic intelligent production of warehousing, weighing, distribution, color matching and packaging, reduced the human investment in the production process, reduced the human operation error, and greatly improved the production efficiency and production accuracy.

    The fifth chiffon fabric supplier in China is Xiameng

    Xiameng company was registered in July 2007 and has been engaged in the textile industry for more than 20 years and is famous chiffon fabric supplier.

    The sales model with Keqiao as the head office and Kunshan, Puyuan and online professional platforms as the distribution, combined with advanced business philosophy and scientific management mode, gives full play to the advantages of integrating industry and trade, and further strengthens the market competitiveness of the company.

    Main products: single-sided tweed, double-sided tweed, jacquard, woolen, semi worsted, worsted, lattice, stripe and other textile fabrics based on wool, cashmere and other raw materials.

    Through years of market practice, the company attaches great importance to product R & D, innovation and excellence.

    The products are diverse and the price is favorable. You can customize the production with samples and drawings.

    Actively serve customers at home and abroad, win the trust and support of customers, and establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers.


    Table of Contents
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