Chiffon fabric supplier tells about the knowledge of chiffon fabrics

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    What is chiffon fabric said by chiffon fabric supplier?

    Chiffon fabric supplier says the name “Chiffon” comes from the sound and meaning of French chiffe, which means light, thin and transparent fabric. It is a textile product in silk products. The fabric is light, transparent, soft and elegant.

    Chiffon, also known as Georgette, is a kind of silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warp and crepe weft.

    Warp and weft use two kinds of strong yarn with different twist directions of S twist and Z twist, which are placed alternately according to ZS and 2Z, staggered with plain weave arrangement, and the warp and weft density of the fabric is very small.

    Chiffon fabric supplier says after scouring, the crepe of the green silk is shortened due to the untwisting effect of the silk thread, forming a Georgette with uniform wrinkles and loose layout on the silk surface.

    Chiffon fabric supplier says according to the materials used, it can be divided into silk georgette, rayon Georgette, polyester Georgette and staggered georgette.

    If only one twist direction is selected for weft, the woven Georgette is called CIS fiber Georgette, and CIS fiber Georgette presents high and low pleated irregular crepe in warp direction.

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    What is Pearl chiffon fabric?

    Chiffon fabrics are very common in life, but many people may not be familiar with pearl chiffon.

    Chiffon fabric supplier says in fact, pearl Chiffon is a classification of chiffon fabrics, also known as Chiffon beads. It has a texture similar to composite silk chiffon and can replace each other.

    Characteristics of Pearl chiffon fabric

    Pearl chiffon fabric has a cold feeling after skin contact. It is very comfortable.

    Chiffon fabric supplier says the falling feeling is better than ordinary chiffon, and the twist is also relatively high!

    In terms of weight, pearl Chiffon of the same size is heavier than ordinary chiffon.

    If it is to make a summer dress, the effect of Pearl chiffon fabric will be better than that of ordinary chiffon. It looks elegant and has enough falling feeling.

    Characteristics of chiffon fabric

    1. Chiffon is light and transparent, soft and elastic;

    2. Light and elegant appearance, with good air permeability and drapability;

    3. The clothes are elegant and comfortable, and the upper body is elegant, charming, solemn and elegant;

    4. Good wear resistance, not easy to pilling, stable size and not easy to fold;

    5. Adopt environmental protection dyeing and anti-static processing;

    6. Elegant, cool and feminine, which is the icing on the cake for women’s clothes.

    Advantages and disadvantages of chiffon fabric

    Chiffon fabric supplier says advantages and disadvantages of chiffon fabric: chiffon fabric has the advantages of light, transparent, elastic, light and elegant appearance, air permeability and drapability, and is very comfortable and free and easy to wear.

    Clothes made of chiffon fabrics are elegant and clean. They are mainly used to make dresses, senior evening dresses, headscarves and other items.

    The disadvantage of chiffon fabric is that although it is soft and elegant, the hem will sag and deform due to poor sagging feeling, which is easy to relax.

    So it’s best to put it flat in the wardrobe or fold it well, so it’s not easy to deform. When storing, the clothes should be kept dry, so as to ensure their integrity as new.

    Chiffon fabric supplier says although it looks like a thin layer of chiffon, because it is a synthetic material of chemical fiber, it is like that the person wearing it is hot and the person watching it is cool.

    Therefore, it is generally recommended to wear better in spring and summer!

    Advantages and disadvantages of chiffon fabric: there is also chiffon fabric made of real silk.

    Chiffon fabric supplier says the advantage of this fabric lies in natural silk protein, which is a top-grade beauty product.

    The disadvantage is that it is expensive, easy to age, easy to fade, plain satin is easy to wrinkle, and difficult to store and maintain.


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