2 characteristics of chiffon fabric

Chiffon fabrics are widely used in life. For girls, the word Chiffon is more familiar.

Especially in girls’ summer clothes, fluttering Chiffon skirts or Chiffon shirts are girls’ favorite fabrics that are often worn on their bodies, but it is not necessary for everyone to know what chiffon fabrics are.

What is chiffon fabric?

chiffon fabric‘s name comes from the sound and meaning of French chiffe, which means light and transparent fabric. Chiffon’s scientific name is georgette

Georgette, also known as georgette crepe, is a kind of silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warp and crepe weft.

According to the raw materials used, it can be divided into real silk georgette, rayon Georgette, polyester Georgette and interwoven georgette.

Georgette has light and transparent texture, soft and elastic feel, light and elegant appearance, good air permeability and drapability, elegant and comfortable wearing.

chiffon fabric, also known as Georgette, is a kind of silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warp and crepe weft.

The warp and weft choose two kinds of strong yarn with different twist directions of S twist and Z twist, which are placed alternately according to ZS and 2Z, staggered with plain weave arrangement, and the warp and weft density of the fabric is very small.

After scouring, the crepe of the green silk is shortened due to the untwisting effect of the silk thread, forming a Georgette with uniform wrinkles and loose layout on the silk surface.

According to the materials used, it can be divided into silk georgette, rayon Georgette, polyester Georgette and staggered georgette.

If only one twist direction is selected for weft yarn, the woven Georgette is called CIS fiber Georgette, and CIS fiber Georgette presents high and low pleated irregular crepe in warp direction.

chiffon fabric
2 characteristics of chiffon fabric 2

Types and characteristics of chiffon fabrics

Imitation silk chiffon

The general composition is 100% polyester (chemical fiber)

Texture features:
(1) light, soft, natural, good drooping feeling and skin friendly feeling (of course, these are only appearance features. No matter how to imitate, they are still not as good as real silk chiffon)
(2) Due to its purified fiber, simulated silk chiffon is not easy to decolorize after washing. It is not afraid of exposure. It is very convenient to take care of (machine washable) and has good firmness.

Silk chiffon

The composition is 100% mulberry silk (natural fiber)

Texture features:
(1) the appearance has those characteristics of imitation silk chiffon

(2) Long term wear is good for human skin, cool and breathable, strong moisture absorption, which can not be achieved by imitation silk chiffon</ p>

(3) Silk chiffon can’t catch up with imitation silk chiffon in some aspects, such as: it is easy to turn gray and shallow after washing, it can’t be exposed to the sun (it will turn yellow), it’s troublesome to take care of (it needs hand washing), and its firmness is not good (it’s easy to stretch the yarn, and the suture is easy to tear).

What is the difference between chiffon fabric and chiffon mesh fabric?

Chiffon is very thin, feels very soft and comfortable! Mesh is a little hard and can’t be directly used to make clothes, but it can be used as accessories for clothes, such as wedding dress!

Chiffon yarn: the warp and weft yarn of the fabric is twisted by polyester fdy100d, and then steamed, dried and untwisted.

The fabric structure adopts plain weave change. In addition to being soft, smooth, breathable and easy to wash, the product has stronger comfort and better drapability.

Fabrics can be dyed, printed, embroidered, bronzed, wrinkled, etc.

Listed fabrics are dominated by a variety of light color tones and light plain colors, which have the beauty of light Ru simplicity and elegance.

The fabric door is 150cm wide and weighs about 130g per meter. It is one of the ideal fashion fabrics for fashionable women in spring and summer.


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