Chiffon Fabric:4 advantages and several common questions

What fabric is chiffon fabric?

Chiffon fabric is a continuous long fiber formed by the solidification of silk liquid secreted by mature silkworm during cocooning, also known as “natural silk”, and many production enterprises are also known as “silk cotton”.

Like wool, it is one of the earliest animal fibers used by human beings.

According to different foods, it can be divided into chiffon fabric, tussah silkworm, cassava silkworm, camphor silkworm, willow silkworm and tiansilkworm.

The silk strip extracted from a single cocoon is called cocoon silk, which is made of two single fibers bonded and coated with sericin.

The silk strips made by pulling out the cocoon silk of several cocoons and wrapping them with sericin can be divided into chiffon fabric (also known as raw silk) and tussah silk, which are collectively referred to as silk. Silk without sericin is called refined silk.

With them as raw materials, they can be processed into various kinds of fabrics by loom.

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chiffon fabric
Chiffon Fabric:4 advantages and several common questions 2

Advantages of mulberry silk fabric

1. Chiffon fabric silver fiber radiation protection clothing, with super protective function (60dB, shielding rate of 99.9999%), is a new generation of green and natural radiation protection clothing fabric

2. Chiffon fabric is mainly protein fiber, which is composed of 18 kinds of amino acids.
It has good air permeability and excellent moisture absorption. It has the reputation of “fiber Queen”.
It is not polluted in the process of chiffon fabric planting, sericulture and silk reeling. It is known as a green product.

3. “Chiffon fabric 100% silver fiber” fabric has 30% higher protective capacity than ordinary silver fiber.
It is softer and close to the body, bright in color, warm and breathable, green and healthy.
It is suitable for close to the body. It has the effects of protection, moisturizing, health care and physiological conditioning for pregnant women during pregnancy.

4. It is cool and breathable, feels comfortable, does not irritate the skin, is harmless to people, has good moisture absorption and dehumidification, good sound absorption, dust absorption, heat resistance and UV resistance.

Disadvantages of chiffon fabric fabric

1. It is necessary to avoid light, air, hand wash and neutral detergent.

2. The price is high and the maintenance is troublesome.

3. It cannot be washed and the price is relatively high

4. The anti ultraviolet ability is worse than that of tussah silk. Tussah silk has a good fluffy feeling and good air permeability.
Maintenance is quite troublesome. No exposure to the sun, no heavy pressure, etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chiffon fabric and silk blending

The blending or interweaving of silk and cotton has these advantages:

1. Affordable for consumers! For the factory, the cost is reduced

2. Silk floss has the hygroscopicity of cotton and the smoothness of silk Can neutralize 2 fabric characteristics!

3. Silk in silk floss contains protein fiber, which is beneficial to human body for long-term wear, while single silk is expensive.


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