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Brushed fabric is fabric through the abrasive effect of abrasive machine and diamond skin, formed only in the appearance of a qualitative change in the species, is a finishing of printing and dyeing, feel soft, comfortable, rich texture, strong drape, easy care, plush surface.
Brushed fabric products belong to a functional product that is to say, while retaining the original performance of the fabric, so that the surface of the fabric formed a layer with a short pile layer feeling, while giving the fabric a new style, not only to reduce the thermal conductivity of the brushed fabric, but also increase the warmth and softness, its color is striking, soft to the touch, the appearance of full and pleasant.

Wholesale Price: $0.8-$5/meter

Applications Of brushed fabric

Brushed fabric is a luxuriously soft material with a durability to match. The process of creating brushed bristles involves the use of mechanical brushes that comb out lint and excess fibers and rub the surface of the fabric to achieve a smooth, refined finish. The cohesive quality of the material allows it to better trap heat. Brushed fabrics are perfect for fall and winter garments. It can be used to create luxuriously soft jackets, pants and blazers. In addition, brushed fabrics are widely used in the manufacturing of bed sets, sofas, etc.

Brushed Fabric : FAQ

How Is Brushed Fabric Made?

To make brushed fabric, the raw fiber fabrics are spun into threads, then woven into a fabric. After that, it’s gently rubbed with fine-toothed metal brushes, which raises the fibers and creates a super-soft surface. Excess lint is removed during the brushing process, leaving the material exquisitely smooth. The fluffed fibers give brushed cotton fabric the perfect level of insulation. Brushed fabric is extra-cozy but won’t make you overheat. So it is suitable material of bedding.

What’s the Difference Between Brushed Fabric and Flannel?

Brushed fabric is technically a type of flannel, but unlike traditional flannel, it’s usually only brushed on one side. It’s also typically not as thick as flannel. This makes it the perfect balance of breathable and warm.

What is The Difference Between Brushed fabric and Percale, Sateen, Linen

Percale fabric has a crisp, cool feel reminiscent of high-end hotel bedding. Sateen is a silky-smooth fabric with a satin weave and a subtle sheen. Linen is another naturally sourced fabric known for its ability to get softer over time. Made from flax fibers, the material is slightly stronger and heavier than cotton but also breezy and breathable.
Brushed fabric is ideal for people who love the classic look of percale but want something a little softer and cozier.

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