Brushed fabric factory talk about advantages and disadvantages

Brushed fabric is a basic fabric for making household products. It has good air permeability, elasticity and decoration.

It is mainly used in the production of clothing, curtains, scarves and other items.

Brushed fabric factory say this article mainly introduces brushed fabrics from the aspects of what are the advantages and disadvantages of brushed fabrics, will the brushed fabrics shrink, the function of brushed fabrics, the price of brushed fabrics, etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of brushed fabrics

Brushed fabric factory say brushed fabric is a kind of knitted fabric. Its manufacturing process needs to go through many complex processes, such as dyeing, pulling, combing, cutting and so on.

Brushed fabric factory talk about advantages:

Brushed fabric factory say in the process of using the brushed fabric, it will not easily fall off and pilling.

Although the brushed on the opposite side is sparse, it is relatively uniform, the texture is relatively clear, and the elasticity is also relatively good. It feels comfortable and smooth.

Brushed fabric is a good product to keep out the cold.

Brushed fabric factory say it can be combined with any material, such as the combination of fleece and fleece, denim and cashmere. The use effect of these different fabrics is better.

brushed fabric factory
Brushed Fabric

Disadvantages of brushed fabrics:

The main disadvantage of brushed fabric is that it is easy to pilling, so we need to pay attention to this in the process of use and cleaning to avoid pilling as much as possible.

Brushed fabric factory say if the pilling problem of brushed fabrics is not very serious, you can find a professional washing and ironing shop for treatment.

If the pilling is very serious and affects daily use, consumers can consider buying new products.

Will the brushed fabric shrink?

This is also a topic of concern to many consumers.

Generally speaking, if the cleaning method is not correct, silk and wool clothes will shrink easily, because the fiber structure of wool clothes is more loose than other types of clothes, so it is easy to deform during cleaning.

If the deformation of brushed fabric is not particularly serious, you only need to iron it with an iron.

If we want to avoid shrinkage, we should also pay attention to the following points:

1.Use neutral detergent during cleaning;

2.Use cold water during cleaning;

3.Avoid rubbing vigorously.

Softener can be used after cleaning.

Function of brushed fabric

Brushed fabric factory say the clothing made of brushed fabric has high softness and strong warmth retention. It is generally used as underwear or pajamas in winter.

There are various designs and colors of brushed fabrics. Some brightly colored flannels can be made into women’s clothes or children’s coats.

You can also use animals, flowers and fairy tale materials, which are suitable for children.

In addition, brushed fabrics can also be used as curtains, because its light transmittance is not strong, it seems to have a three-dimensional feeling and thick texture, so it is also very suitable for curtains.

Brushed fabric price

The price of brushed fabrics will change with different raw materials and regions.

Generally speaking, the width of brushed fabrics is between 150cm ~ 230cm, and the weight is between 180g ~ 450g.

Brushed fabric factory say because manufacturing costs, dyeing costs and labor costs should be considered, the price fluctuation is also relatively large.

According to the current market situation, the price of brushed fabrics in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is lower than that in other regions.

Moreover, brushed fabrics are now popular fabrics, and their price is relatively affordable.

However, the specific price of brushed fabrics should also be subject to the actual market price.


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