9 Excellent Reasons WHY You Should Invest in a Fabric Inspection Machine! (Check MASTER)

The best way to inspect the Fabric is to check it on a good quality Inspection Machine. These machines are designed so that fabric in any form: Loose Fabric, Fabric Roll, Plaited Fabric can be inspected and the Output can be taken in Perfectly ALIGNED ROLLS or in other forms (Plaited, loose etc.) Further any type of Textiles can be Inspected: Woven, Knitted, Non-woven.

Defects can be easily spotted on the Textile analyzing machines, as the inspector has a very good view of the stuff. These machines are power driven and helps in analyzing the Textile many times more than the fabric inspected on a conventional inspection tables. The defects are located, marked and recorded on an inspection form These machines also measures the length of the Textile simultaneously during checking. To grow to the next level, it is very important that you should invest in a Fabric Inspection machine, as per your requirement.

Your investment in a Fabric Inspection machine will be one of the most profitable and wisest one. Will you like to know How? Read on…

  • To have Complete Control over your Most Valuable Resource:-

Fabric constitutes more than 70% of the cost of the Garment. So To have complete control over this valuable resource, its pertinent that it is thoroughly checked before we proceed to convert it in to a garment. For this, a Fabric Inspection machine is a MUST.

  • To do your Inspection Job Much Faster:-

As we have to inspect the Fabric, before it goes to the next stage, the fastest way to do is through a Fabric Inspection Machine. The capacity of the Fabric Inspection Machine to check the Fabrics, in comparison to the Fabric Inspection Table, is Many Times More.

  • To Do 100% checking of your Most Valuable Resource:-

In order to avoid finding faults later, mostly 100% inspection is done. And to conduct 100% inspection in the shortest possible time, a Fabric Inspection machine is most suitable.

  • To Save LOT of Time:-

As a Fabric Checking Machine is capable of conducting Inspection very fast, resulting in saving lot of time. And time is the most valuable and critical resource of a Garment Exporter.

  • To Reduce undue dependence on Manual Labour:-

With a Textile Analyzing Machine only 1-2 people are required to do inspection of the fabric. And these two people can perform so much of job, that cannot be performed by even 8 people in a day.

  • To check all Weaving Defects in the Fabric with ease:-

With the Bottom Light, a Textile Inspection machine can detect all types of weaving defects with ease.

  • To check all printing and processing defects with ease and convenience:-

The Top light in a Fabric Inspection machine can easily detect all types of dyeing, printing and Processing defects.

  • To reduce Fatigue of the Operator in a significant way:-

As the operator has to only focus on checking the Fabric and all the other job is performed by the machine, hence an operator can inspect lot of fabric without much fatigue. Fabric analyzing machine has dual advantage. A single operator can check enormous quantity of fabric without much of fatigue.

  • To add to your Profits:-

With a good Fabric Inspection machine 100% of the Fabric inspection is possible for all type of Weaving, printing and dyeing defects in a much shorter time. The machine also helps in reduced, time, labour, fatigue thus resulting in enhancing your profits in a considerable way.

Be wise, install a Fabric Checking Machine in your organization to grow your business and enhance your profits! They say the pay-back period of a good fabric inspection is less than a year!


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