Existem 9 tipos de tecidos comumente usados na pista de palavras cruzadas de tecido de cortina rica

There are 9 kinds of fabrics commonly used in pista de palavras cruzadas de tecido de cortina rica. Curtain fabrics often affect the decorative effect of the home, as well as the impact of noise and light on daily life.

When most people buy rich curtain fabric crossword clue, they often only look at the styles and colors they like. Here are 9 commonly used fabrics for curtains.

9 kinds of fabrics commonly used in curtains

1. Cotton fabric

The advantages are comfortable, breathable, soft, warm, anti-allergic, and easy to clean; the disadvantages are easy to wrinkle, shrink, deform, and fade.

2. Linen fabric rich curtain fabric crossword clue

Advantages are natural fabrics, comfortable, light and breathable; Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, poor elasticity.

3. Wool fabric

The advantages are light weight, softness, warmth, wrinkle resistance, dirt resistance, and not easy to discolor; the disadvantage is that it is prone to insects, only dry cleaning, and high cost.

4. Silk fabric

The advantages are good gloss, bright colors, light and soft, and good hygroscopicity; the disadvantages are shrinkage, easy to wrinkle, easy to fade after washing and need to be ironed.

5. Polyester fabric

The advantages are high strength, good elasticity, wrinkle resistance, corrosion resistance, strong silk-like feel, and bright luster; the disadvantages are not soft enough, poor air permeability, easy to generate static electricity, and difficult to dye.

6. Nylon fabric

Nylon, also known as nylon, has the advantage of being particularly good in abrasion resistance, and is often blended with wool to enhance its fastness; the disadvantage is that it has poor air permeability and is prone to static electricity.

7. Cotton and linen fabrics

The advantage is that rich curtain fabric crossword clue is relatively soft, has both the advantages of cotton and hemp, and has a strong texture; the disadvantage is that rich curtain fabric crossword clue is not wrinkle-resistant and easy to fade.

pista de palavras cruzadas de tecido de cortina rica
There are 9 kinds of fabrics commonly used in rich curtain fabric crossword clue 2

Other curtain forms

1. Roller blinds

Roller blinds are popular modern window decorations, which are easy to operate, easy to disassemble, reliable in performance, and have a strong sense of lines and times.

Styles are: daylighting, semi-transparent and full shading.

Applicable to various office buildings, conference centers and some family rooms.

2. Venetian blinds

The venetian blinds are rotatable, the louvers can adjust the indoor light at will, the sunshade and heat insulation effect is good, the appearance is clean and bright; the installation and disassembly are simple.

Venetian blinds are mainly made of aluminum alloy and wood and bamboo baking paint. They are durable and new, easy to clean, non-aging, non-fading, shading, heat insulation, breathable and fireproof.

They are suitable for high-end office buildings, rooms, hotels and villas. and other places.

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